Arbour Winds

On the slope above the mountain range of the Crimean rocky mountains there is a break in the ledge that rises proudly on a snow-covered stone column leading the dome. As in the air, the legendary Winds of Arbour is one of the iconic places of Gurzufe, and photographing it would be the dream of almost all travelers. Here, at the top of Shagan-Kai, the lines of Vladimira Vysotskogo’s songs come to mind: “The whole world is in the palm of your hand, you are happy and…”. In fact, if you have your eyes wide open you can appreciate the incomparable view of the politorakilometrovy field, seeing the four mountain peaks, the Ayu-Dag mountain near the sea, Adalary Island, the Gurzufe complex, and the Black Sea infinity . When there is a good weather, the visibility can reach up to 150 km away.


The story began in 1956, which, according to unconfirmed reports, the site of construction was such an unusual place where the arrival of Nikity Hruschova ocurred, who was going to visit Crimea on a hunting expedition. However, the visit ended in bankruptcy due to matters of national importance, and the authors of the project remained unknown. By the way, the name of the attraction was not very windy “Winds of Rose”, presented on the floor of the gazebo. In 1998, the gazebo was restored and it has always obtained a new name “Memories of Starfall”, evidenced by a sign on the entrance. However, neither residents nor tourists adapt to the new denomination and call it in the old fashioned way.

Note for fans: next to the pergola grows a rare and little known endemic, Yaylinskaya Silene. There are only 250 shrubs of this specieson the planet, all collected in the territory of the Crimean peninsula.

Another of the natural attractions you can not miss are the surrounding rocks of Shagan-Kai, found with natural formations in the form of “wind harp”, made through stone arches, and some of them are so large for a car to pass through them. Such peculiarities of nature in Yayla are caused by the gradual destruction of the inclemency and Karst, which make up the Crimean mountains.

¿How to get there?

It can be reached in various ways. One of the easiest ways is to pay a visit to the Crimean Nature Reserve. You can also take a bus tour, it usually takes about six hours to stay on the traditional route of the Alushta ring with a visit to the Monastery of Cosme and Damián, the trout hatchery and the red rock.

However, if you want to get to the gazebo by yourself, you have to go from the village through the tract Masandra Uch-Kosh, past the red rock cliffs, and then pass through the old Nikita Romanovsky road. Another suitable way for those who are confident enough of their skills and capacities to navigate through Gurzufe is to go down the shortest path that passes through the village guerrilla.

It is spoken eloquently of the fact, that even on the hottest days, due to strong winds up to 40 m / s, it can be quite cold at the top of the mountain, so warm clothing would be very useful.

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