Cape of Abraham

In the vicinity of Murmansk, there is a set of objects with names that include the word “Abraham”. The elders explain that this is an ancient legend. Supposedly, it was in the 16th century, during the reign of the terrible tsar, Ivan IV. In that distant time, a priest called Barlaam or Araamy (later transformed into Abraham), lived in the peninsula of Kola. He was possessed by none other than the devil, who tempted Barlaam, who was reading a prayer. At this moment, the devil entered his wife’s house under the guise of a lover, and it was a black day for the priest’s wife who died. Barlaam carrying his lifeless body was gone beyond the accursed rocks in order to bury his wife. Then the demon was lost for the first time. When the priest returned, the unclean were gone. Since then, the path to the ocean is considered free. Here is a creepy but beautiful legend. No less beautiful are the views that open from the Cape of Abraham.

In addition to this romantic piece of legendary land, the name of Cape Abraham is also one of the districts of Murmansk. Previously, there was a village with a beautiful name, Yarega Creek, which was founded in 1926. We can not say that this village was super-populated. Thus, according to statistics, in 1926, a little more than 20 people lived there. In the 1930’s, water intake was built in order to fill water tugs and other vessels. In 1937, the village moved to the docks for ship repair, and after a time this place was renamed as the Cape of Abraham.

In general, the place name “Abraham” is quite widespread in these parts. So, except for the region and indeed the Cape, presumably the name of a priest is present in the title (scenic rocky, steep water of the Bay of Kola), which is located 1.5 km from here . There is also the Tundra of Abraham, which is a hill that is not far from the rocky coast.

During World War II in the Cape of Abraham were located units of air defense that defended the bay of Kola and important objects of Murmansk, Severomorsk and attacks from the enemy planes. In 1988, in memory of these events, a memorial complex was established, which includes an anti-aircraft gun, two fighters “Yak-9” and “Su-15”, a shed and aerial bomb. Unfortunately, now the memorial is not in the best conditions for the storage of private donations.

The Cape of Abraham can be reached of several ways, but the most interesting and picturesque, is by means of a ship that leaves from the Station Marina of Murmansk. You can also use bus number 24, which leaves from the city center, or at 111 from Mishukovo bus station.

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