Einstein’s Entertaining Sciences Museum in Yaroslav

The Einstein’s Entertaining Sciences Museum in Yaroslavl has a lot to offer. The museum comes with an unusual motto “the highest level game of scientific research”, which was opened in October 2013 as a traditional museum where exhibitions are carefully preserved by visitors and are hidden behind windows Glass of exhibition stands. Not only is it possible, but you also need to touch, rotate, and twist any mechanism, trying to understand how they work. It is this interactivity and accessibility that arouses interest in science and makes the younger generation interested in learning. These museums had already opened in Vologda, Voronezh, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Stavropol, and now the world of entertainment science museum invites them to Yaroslavl.

The museum exhibition

The museum exhibits are presented in the form of a game that will reveal the visitors a lot of scientific and secret mysteries. For example, pull a lever where friction leads to how optical illusion works and how magnetism manifests itself. Applying the laws of physics, there is a finger that is able to lift forty pounds of weight, built without a single nail of cold water from the boiling bridge.

You will see what the Foucault pendulum is, a Newton pendulum and the Maxwell pendulum which resembles the Tesla lamp with dynamic lightnings. In the initially shown example, the action of the collapsible bridge arches, there are three plates, rolling down on different surfaces, illustrating a mechanical phenomenon, such as friction. With the help of weights and bars you can clearly explain what the density affects. For a better understanding of the cinema principles there is a special rotating drum: the image inside the horses, which is reflected in the mirrors, creating a moving image. In total, the museum has more than 100 exhibits that are located in eight rooms, the exhibition is constantly complemented and updated.

Keep in mind that the ticket price already includes the services of a guide, all visitors awaits for a fascinating museum tour, filled with commentaries that accompany all stories about the exhibitions.
The average length of each tour is one hour and then visitors can stay in the museum and apply this knowledge in practice, next, the self-study.

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