“Les Wizard” Museum

The Kostroma region has always been famous for its forests, so it is not surprising that this is where the museum “Les Wizard” originated. It is interesting for adults and children who joke about the forest from a Different perspective: practical, natural, fabulous. Attention should be given to an entire room dedicated to the smithy and skill of local craftsmen. For groups, workshops are held on the development of ancient trades, for example, you can learn how to make a wicker beetle.

¿What can you see?

The museum itself is an elegant two-storey red brick building with a carved-shaped arched roof and a wooden porch. Next to it is the lawn, decorated with flowers. There is a wooden lookout with tables and benches where you can relax. On the roof there is a very credible stork, and inside, on the corner, the rabbit is hidden in wood with the carrot. The whole territory is enclosed by the fence, surrounded by trees.

On the way, visitors are greeted by a wooden bear, pointing to the entrance to the museum. With his head raised above the tree trunk, it looks rather threatening.

The museum has three rooms. The first is called “Nature Pantry” and is dedicated to the forest resources: wood and related crafts, medicinal and magical properties of plants. The second room is fabulous, it collects the stories of several legends and stories about the forest. Here you can see Baba Yaga’s hut, goblin and other fairy-tale characters, animals and birds, carved in wood or made in korneplastiki style. The third room talks about the metal, exposing the possibility of the Russian Smiths. It features unusual butterfly figures and water dragonfly and metal mannequin skillfully combined with natural materials: wood, stone, cones, dry moss. The museum has an exhibition of jewels with works by students of the Krasnoselski school.

Part of the walls are covered, which adds to the similarities with the rustic cabins. there are many paintings and embroidered fabrics representing the forest landscapes on the walls. All rooms are made of bark of birch, wood and straw.

Practical information

Address: Kostroma, ul. Ostrovsky, 63.

The museum is located on the bank of the river Kostroma, on the other side of the Ipatiev Monastery, from where you can cross the river by a bridge and the public transport stop – “Chizhov School” leads to this place.

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