Livadia Palace

The Livadia palace is without exaggeration, a masterpiece of architecture. This white residence was built in the 20th century by the Romanov royal family and it is perfectly preserved to this day. Situated on a picturesque hilltop location, amidst the woods and overlooking the sea and horizon, Livadia Palace attracts crowds of tourists every year in the Ukrainian resorts. The palace complex, located about five kilometers from Yalta, known not only for its beauty and greatness, but also for the important historical events that took place here. Thus, in 1945, the walls of the palace were home to the famous Yalta Conference with the participation of the heads of the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States. Three years ago, in 2011, the Livadia Palace celebrated its centenary.

The official political and social events in the Livadia Palace are in our days, so on the eve before the tour, it is not too clear that the complex is open to tourists. The view of the residence suggests a tour of the main rooms and classrooms, as well as being in a museum dedicated to the history of the palace. Tourists are introduced to permanent and temporary exhibitions. “Royal hunting”, “dynasty of the Romanov in the history of the Crimean War” and these are some of the exhibition that can be visited once you are visiting the Livadia Palace.

Perhaps the most famous part of the palace complex is the Italian courtyard. The incredible beauty of the place, which incidentally, is served repeatedly as a film that takes place during well-known Russian and foreign films. The Livadia Palace can be visited at any time of the year, but in the summer is especially good, so it is recommended to go during that season.

To get to Livadia Palace you can take the following buses: Number 5, 11, 27, 32 and 47, which can be stopped at the so-called “The Livadia Palace” or continue also at the borders of “sanatorium” guard. Tickets: 400 RUB for adults and 250 RUB for children and students (upon presentation of the student card). The price of the ticket does not depend on the tourist season. This amount includes a tour with a guide, amateur photography and videography, as well as visiting the Italian patio, besides tickets for other events, tickets to theaters and museums can be purchased here. Https://

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