Mount Mithridat

Mount Mithridat is Kerch’s business card, which is located in the tourist area. This place is related to the history of these lands, and still does not solve all the mysteries that keeps the Mithridates. Here, during World War II, the Soviet soldiers clashed with the Nazis, and 26 centuries ago, in the ancient city prospered the Panticapea. From the viewing platform it offers panoramic views of the Kerch Mountains. The height of elevation is 91.4 meters. Mithridat is part of Crimea rock mass.

By the way, the mountain was named in honor of the ruler of the kingdom of Pontus Mithridates VI Eupator and in Greek it translates as “Lord of Mithra” (ie the Persian god of the sun).

Its name is in honor of the mineral of the mountain, which was discovered near the base of Mithridates.

A little history

On Mount Mithridates the ancient Greek city of Panticapea was founded in the seventh century BC. In the strait of modern Kerch, at that time it had a different name and was the Cimmerian Bosphorus. At the highest point of the mountain is the acropolis (the so-called upper city), which was surrounded by powerful towers and battlements. In addition, the picturesque temples were built in honor of the ancient gods and majestic palaces of the nobility.

Legends about the jewels of King Mithridates kept in the dungeons of the castle on the hill, still hover over historians. A large part of the real mythical finds have not been discovered yet in the territory, and at the foot of Mithridates is now guarded the Hermitage.

In 1820 the poet Alexander Pushkin stayed in Kerch and wanted to discover the ancient traces in Mount Panticapea. But he had no luck as the archaeologists “came” to this point later.

In 1943, on top of a mountain, soldiers of the Soviet Army spread their red flag, and after a few days the city was liberated of the German invaders.

¿What can you see?

On the hill you can climb, breaking more than 400 degrees the staircase mitridatskaya, which is an architectural monument of the 19th century. It is decorated with statues of mythical beasts with lion body and bird wings and griffins, which are a symbol of Kerch , Which is reflected in the coat of arms of the city.

At the top of Mithridates there is an obelisk representing the glory to the immortal heroes, this is 24 m high and 76 mm ZIS-3 weapons to the memory of the fallen soldiers who released Kerch from the Nazis. Therefore, it offers breathtaking views of the city and suburban areas of Kerch Bay with fishing and commercial harbor and moored boats. By the way, you can visit Mithridates at any time of the day and the night is not less beautiful.

On one of the slopes of the mountain you can see the fruit of the excavations of the archaeologists, some of the historical sites are available to tourists such as the walls of ancient houses, ruins of ancient temples and the most interesting is the colonnade .

There is now available to tourists an underground necropolis of gigantic proportions, found in the bowels of the mountain. All this is a system of ancient crypts from Panticapea. At present, we have studied only a little over a hundred, but archaeologists suggest that there are about 4 thousand.

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