Murom Bridge

This cable-stayed bridge was built in 2009 and since then it has become a prominent tourist attraction, that is to say, one of the most outstanding. The road that derives on Moore and the connection with Arzamas of Vladimir pass over the bridge. It has a length of 1.4 km and a width of 15 meters which sits on three main pieces that crosses in the middle of the river at a height of 85 meters on the main route where it extends to a length of up to 230 meters.

Before the construction of the bridge, the place worked so that they could pass boats of the time; These moved only in summer, as in the other seasons of the year, it was not possible. The Cross of Oka was in that place through a ferri. To help solve the problem, it was invested about 8 billion rubles. The large-scale construction project lasted two years, which included the accesses of the bridge.

In 2007, the construction project won the title of “Project of the Year” in Russia. And in 2013 the Múrom Bridge was in the results of the national competition, organized by the Federal Road Agency, and by popular vote, received the title as the most beautiful bridge in the country.

At the opening of the bridge in 2009, The Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was present.
The cable-stayed bridge, on which the bypass road passes, was the first in the Nizhny Novgorod region and the first to be completely designed and built in Russia. It is said that its capacity is about five thousand vehicles a day (and it is argued that this was only in the opening, so it should now have a greater capacity). This beautiful bridge can be seen from different points of Múrom.

The bridge is able to “illuminate” a few shops that are nearby, called Porche and “Lukoil”.

The spectacular Múrom Bridge is striking and refreshing for being in a very beautiful place, where you can admire Oka with ease, as well as the panoramas of its coasts. This bridge is called in other ways, such as “The Bridge of Song”, since like many other structures straddling, has the characteristic that in windy times, it is melodic, and produces buzzing that can be heard at some distance .

Practical information

The bridge is located in the district of Navashino, in the southern part of Múrom.

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