Museum of Military Glory of Yaroslavl

The Museum of Military Glory of Yaroslavl was opened in 1981. The initiative of its creation was submitted by well-known veterans of the infantry division 234A, which, participated in the defense of Moscow during the Great War of the Homeland. However, the exhibition is dedicated not only to World War II (although it is rightly given the most attention), it covers all the major conflicts that shook Russia during its existence. The abundance of equipment and weapons are the main advantage of the museum, and it is especially appreciated by children all over the place who showed their emotion through their enthusiastic voices.

¿What can you see?

Today, the collection of the Museum of Military Glory includes more than 500 articles, and the exhibition is divided into 5 sections, each dedicated to a certain historical period.

The period of the invasion of the Mongols from the 12th to the 14th centuries is represented by a unique collection of ancient objects, including spears, swords, arrows. In addition to the weapons, there are exposed and day-to-day objects of the time. About Yaroslavl’s life in the period from the 13th to the 16th century, we can appreciate the weapons and uniforms: coat of mail, helmets, harness. The memory of the war of 1812 is stored in the room, which shows the uniforms of grenadiers, helmets of dragons, firearms, knives and daggers. And the exhibition dedicated to World War I includes pistols, rifles and items of military uniforms: tunic, boots and other personal belongings of soldiers.

On-site are located near the museum area soviet military vehicles such as the T-54 tank, armored personnel carrier, anti-aircraft missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and even a fragment of the submarine “Yaroslavsky Komsomolets” .

But the most ambitious exhibition is called “The Winners”, this is dedicated to the Second World War. Particular attention should be paid to the soldiers things, for example, Sofi Averichevoy, the actress of the theater Volkov, and the changes of scene in the battlefield. The collection stores a tunic and the cover of Marshal Fedor Tolbujin, items that belonged to General Paul Baht who gave 70 years unprecedented to military service.

Practical information

Address: Yaroslavl, Ul. Uglich, 44a. Tel .: +7 (485) 230-38-69.
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00, weekends Monday and Tuesday.

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