St Bogolyubsky Monastery

The largest of the monasteries and its environs of Vladimir, is the monastery of St. Bogolyubsky, witness of more than 8 centuries of Russian history in which the events have played an important role in several occasions. The uniqueness of the monastery lies in civil buildings: here in the 12th century was the residence of Prince Andreya Bogolyubskogo and its director at the time of the temple “Cathedral of the Nativity” which was literally built in the Prince’s chamber set.

Today, the prince’s castle is here. It is worth visiting the Monastery to admire the creations of the architect Ton, standing in the silence echoing one of the largest temples in Russia, walking along the bank of the pond of the Monastery Poluzarosshego, and with luck, to Listen to the sound of the magnificent bell set.

A little history

The Monastery of St. Bogolyubovo was founded in 1155 by Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky as a miraculous vision of the Virgin. Initially, a temple appeared that soon was covered by ecclesiastical and secular buildings reason why the prince decided to construct a place in memory to its protected ones. After Andrew Bogolyubskii died at the hands of conspirators, the complex of the residence was given to the jurisdiction of the monastery.

The Monastery of St. Bogolyubsky was built between 1855 and 1866 from the private donations of Moscow on the project of KA Ton. After the Revolution, the monastery was closed, then the museum was organized in that same place. The rebirth of the monastery began in the 1990’s. Today it is a convent with 120 nuns.

What can you see?

The Monastery of San Bogolyubsky is incredibly beautiful and solemn: the white walls of temples and churches are shining in the background of the green forest and the blue dome of a drilling that is the traditional color of the Virgin Mary to merge with the sky above .

The first thing is to go to Bogoliubsky Cathedral to admire its recognizable architecture: a Byzantine and monumental combination with Russian decorative. Although its interior can not boast of ancient features, this is where the monastery retains the image of the icon of the Virgin of Bogolyubovo. In the bell tower of the cathedral are located a set of precious bells, the largest weighs 8 tons.

The Prince Andrew’s palace is the oldest building in the monastery which belongs to the second half of the 12th century. The building is considered to be the only existing structure of civilians of ancient Russia. The castle was considered as lost, but in 1954 the transition to the chorus tower and the staircase was found .

The adjacent Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is the graceful temple with a single dome. Even in this case, it is necessary to see the church of the Annunciation of the 19th century, to examine the case and visit the private chapel, built on the place where the body of the prince lay.

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