Stoletov Brothers’ House Museum

The Stoletov Brothers’ House Museum is part of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve. It was inaugurated on May 28, 1976 in the old wing of the 19th century, which is next to a large two-storey mansion of Stoletov, on the wooden ramparts. Today, this small wooden house has become a true jewel of Vladimir, reminding residents and visitors about the characteristics of urban development of the last centuries. The street on which the museum is located is now also called Stoletov. What attracts the famous merchants of Vladimir? Stoletov is a family that belonged to a line of merchants, relocated from the lover of freedom Novgorod to Vladimir in the time of Ivan the Terrible. True glory brought the family to the brothers Nicholas, Alexander and Dimitri Stoletov. Both Dmitry and Nicolas became famous in the military field during the Russo-Turkish wars, reaching the rank of generals. Alexander was fond of physics and studied the photoelectric effect, which formed the basis of quantum theories and electrons.
Today the Stoletov Brothers’ House Museum has become a true jewel of Vladimir, reminding residents and visitors about the characteristics of urban development of the last centuries.

The last century was the creator of the first photoreceptors, these were widely used in films, television and automation. Thanks to Vladimir’s physics work, he made modern discoveries possible: electronic microscopes, X-ray machines, fluorescent lighting. Without solar panels on satellites and space stations, space exploration could not have been imagined.

The museum house exhibition

If you just have time to cross the threshold of the Stoletov Museum, you may wonder how interiors were carefully recreated in the last century. Striking and preserved in all areas of the museum atmosphere of a bygone era. The living room is decorated with family portraits, photos of family members and close friends, as well as all the furniture in the room: a wall clock, a piano and original paintings. In the following family history the atmosphere continues in the everyday, you can see an old bookshelf (some of them have autographs), tables marked by the letters, including Tsimovkovsky’s Timiryazeva, Helmholtz, Kovalevskaya, Kundt.

Among the many articles of daily use, they show a typical way of life of a merchant family in those years, you can find unique devices from the Laboratory of Physics, established by A. G. Stoletovym. The exhibitions are dedicated to the scientific and educational activities of Aleksandra Stoletova, housed in two spacious rooms. Here you can see the diplomas and prizes awarded to him for his services to the domestic economy.

Familiarity with the museum will be of interest not only to specialists and interested in the life of the great physicist, but also to ordinary tourists and even children.

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