The Adzhimushkaysky Quarry in Kerch

First of all, it is unlikely to observe and understand the importance of the traditional sense when visiting the history museum the “Adzhimushkay Quarry”. Therefore, it is better to try to prepare mentally before seeing the monument. However, despite taking precautions about this, do not miss it. The Adzhimushkayskie Quarry is not just a museum of memory or history, rather it is an attempt to perpetuate the memory of heroes in the war years that remained in descendants’ hearts with all memories of their heroism.

As a result of the operation “to hunt bustards” in May 1942, German troops with lightning speed, broke defense across the Kerch peninsula. Only a part of the Soviet troops managed to evacuate, and the rest were forced to defend the Adzhimushkay Quarry, where they were joined by the local population, with a total of 13 thousand people.

The Germans took full control of the quarry, so they laid barbed wire, and even at the entrances they placed underground toxic bombs. People were in need, desperate for water, food, medicine, but despite all difficulties, the attacks were organized and tried to counterattack.

The defense lasted 170 days. On October 30, 1942, the Germans still managed to defeat a quarry and captured the remaining fighters, that is to say, of the 13,000 people and defenders only 48 people survived. A year later, the Soviet army liberated the Kerch area with the Adzhimushky Quarry. In fact the Adzhimushky site was useless and could not achieve any victory, as it only helped give power and maintain the offensive spirit of the German army.

Memory and travel

After having made search operations, where important findings have been found, the museum of memory was founded in Kerch. It was then decided to create a museum of memory in the place where events occurred. In May of 1967 the defense history museum in honor of Quarry Adzhimushkay opened, and in 1982 a monument was made to the heroes. To date, it is the most popular and visited object in Kerch because it is historical and cultural.

The tour of the quarries lasts just over an hour and includes multiple exhibits. In “vodokape,” tourists learn how to extract water deposited in a gas-tight shelter, which is where people hid themselves from gas attacks, and tourists can also familiarize themselves with the operating environment in which the injured people were assisted. In addition, visitors find the barracks, as well as the tent kitchen and the headquarters of the garrison. The total length of the route is 400 meters.

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