The Aleksandrovsky Monastery of Suzdal

Aleksandrovski is a convent founded by the order of Aleksandra Nevskogo in 1240, shortly before its campaign against the Germans. Neither the building at that time was maintained, the monastery was burned by the Poles from 1608 to 1610. The main church of the Ascension was built in 1695 as Peter I, with money from mother Natalia Naryshkin. In 1764, by order of Catherine II, the monastery was abolished and the church became a parish. The monastery was restored in 2006 with the strength of men. To date, there are 5 beginners. The monastery is not as popular as other churches in Suzdal, so it is always quiet and not crowded.

¿What can you see?

The Church of the Ascension, the bell tower and part of the wall that surrounded it was all that survived between the 17th and 18th centuries. The recently built buildings are houses made of wood with a common fence, replacing the missing part of the fence. The lower part of the wall is decorated with similar turrets. The Holly Doors are very similar to the door located near the monastery Rizopolozhensky, which were built at the same time.

The Church of the Ascension is small, shaped like a cube, which joins the porch, the apse and the warm corridor. The graceful drums are made of stucco topped by five small domes. The windows have carved frames. Inside the temple, the floor was rebuilt with a bit strange tiles.

Beside it stands the bell tower, which differs from all the others in Suzdal for its modest decoration with cuts and carved in the arches. You can reach the bell tower, if you ask the monks, usually this place is closed. The stairs are steep and are more than 30 m high.

On the upper bank you can see the most beautiful views in Kamenka of the Spaso-Efimievsky and the Pokrovsky monasterior, which are on the other side.

Practical information

Address: Suzdal Str. Gasteva. GPS coordinates: 56.427048, 40.440955.
The monastery is located on the left bank of the Kamenka, near the center, but it is isolated. If you walk from the Kremlin on Lenin Street, you need to go to the Rizopolozhensky Monastery, then you can walk through Krupskaia street at the intersection with Gasteva street and then turn right.

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