The Holy Monastery of the Resurrection in Murom

The epic city of Murom lies on a high bank of the Oka. Dozens of monasteries and churches are found in the wide and flooded plain, and at night the weak bells ring in the neighborhood. The Holy Monastery of the resurrection is located on the northern outskirts of the city, in a curve of the beauty of the Oka. According to one legend, it is associated with the life of two Russian saints, Peter and Fevronia, the model serves as wisdom, humility and true love. There is no reliable information, but according to legend, they founded the monastery, and Eufrosina (in the monastery of Fevronia) lived and worked in it, it is where his earthly journey ended.

A little history

Legend has it that a wooden monastery was here in the 11th century. The first official mention in the “drawing books” of the Holy Monastery of the Resurrection refers to the year 1566. Even then, it consisted of two wooden churches with a bell tower , Nearby was the house of the Mother Superior, and 21 cells of the nuns, and in the 17th century it was rebuilt in stone with the preservation of architecture. According to the decree of Catherine II in 1764, the monastery was suppressed and the main temple became an independent parish. In the 1930’s, the 20th century resurrection church and all the others were closed. When in 1998 the monastery began to revive, in the cemetery was the playground, and the bell tower was a sauna and a boxing ring. Construction and restoration work is being carried out so far.

¿What can you see?

The Holy Monastery of the Resurrection is located a bit far from the main mansions of Murom. It still retains “the same” Real Russian soul. The dirt road, the sea flowers of the meadow, the lack of crowds and the magnificent architecture makes all this emotions genuine. If the legends are telling the truth, it is the oldest orthodox monastery in Russia, which, has come down to the present day.

Walking from the monastery to the eye on the slopes is the key to their healing power. St. Peter and Fevronia are the patrons of the family and marriage.

The Church of the Resurrection is the largest in Murom, it is a square shaped, the upper part is decorated with arches of bracket. The 5 domes are in drums of narrow cords, the high light crosses give a festive appearance. At the bottom it is surrounded by a gallery, and the entrances are made in the form of tents in the old Russian style. The second temple is Vedensky, it consists of an dome of 8 sides in the form of a bell tower. The image of the Virgin “all afflicted” is the icon of the ancient “Theodore”, the icon of Nikolay Chudotvortsa, consecrated to his relics in Bari, Italy, the icon and relics of Mitrofan of Voronezh and the ark with particles of Several Russian saints, all kept in the Holy Monastery of the Monastery.

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