The Ilyinsko Tikhon Church

According to legend, 1000 years ago in this place, the Wise Prince Rostov Yaroslav conquered a bear and ordered to build a temple in honor of the prophet Elijah. They liked the idea or not to other people, the church was built. For almost 1,000 years its appearance was changed several times. At first it was made of wood, and then stone. And it was only in Soviet times that its vocation changed. It is a magnificent building of classic style that impressed the minds of the citizens of those years. It vaguely resembled the pantheons of Paris and Rome. But even modern and sophisticated man does not remain indifferent to its majestic beauty.

A little history

Until 1694 this place was a wooden church and was rebuilt several times because of the fires. At the end of the 17th century, it was decided to build a small stone church with a dome. With the growth of Yaroslavl, it took the arrival and expansion. In 1832, a new church was opened after seven years of construction. At the beginning of the 20th century, the service was stopped, and construction would take place, but then they changed their minds. After Lenin’s death, it was decided that the church would become a museum. To date it has not been transferred to the Republic of China, but its restoration took place in the last decades. In the dome of the temple, other domes with a cross are established.

¿What can you see?

The Ilyinsko Tikhon Church impresses by its external greatness and its splendor. Everywhere, it has the decoration of 6 columns where the upper part completes the triangular pediments. In the center a drum of light was built, which is crowned by a large dome with other smaller domes. Initially, there were two floors in the building.

When you are on a tour you can not drive around the place, but you can negotiate separately with the workers to raise the drum and observe the beautiful views of the city.

Until the 20th century, in the two corners of the church was an arch bell tower. However, the Soviet authorities decided that for the future museum of Lenin, it was not necessary. The architect who was entrusted to convert the church into a building for people’s needs, in his report, wrote that it is very similar to civil and perfect for the museum. As a result of that, the church was given a cellar, and then reformed into a dormitory for the doctors. Now there are archives and art workshops.

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