The Maksymiliana Voloshina House-Museum

In all the big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg there are Houses-museums where famous people lived some time ago (writers, poets, painters, artists, etc.), which can now be visited alone or with a guided tour. We told you about one that belonged to M.Voloshin.

About a century ago, intellectuals gathered at Voloshin’s house to socialize, relax and be inspired by fresh impressions. Guests come here in search of peace and solitude, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, in search of like-minded people who are able to understand their inner feelings. That is why the house of Voloshin was always full of living spores of jokes and spiritual advice. The guest list of Crimea is quite impressive; In the room were observed Voloshin, Osip Mandelstam, A. White, M. Gorky, Bryusov, M. Bulgakov, A. Green, S. Efron, Tsvietáieva, Gumilev, Ilya Ehrenburg, Zoshchenko, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and other famous artists, Who came from big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg to find peace and rest. Today, the route to the house of the famous poet is available to all types of people. Every year thousands of tourists come here, fans of poetry or just those people eager to admire the ancient interiors and enter the spirit of the Silver Age.

History Museum

The most important role in the appearance of the M. Voloshin house-museum is played by the widow of the poet, MS Voloshina, who during the most difficult historical conditions, she was able to save not only the interiors of the rooms, but also the files that belong to the poet, his documents and the library. With these files the base of the collection was formed. The Voloshin House-museum was inaugurated in August 1984, and in 2001 joined the ecological, historical and cultural republican Koktebele of the Reserve “Cimmeria MA Voloshina.” The revival of the tradition of summer visits to Koktebel, where every August the house-museum of Voloshin attracts fans to celebrate his birthday.

The museum exhibition

It is of great value the garden of the building Voloshin, which, preserves the original interiors, among which stand the workshop of the poet and a library.

The museum has collected and compiled more than 60 thousand pieces within this interesting collection.

The first room covers the main milestones of poet’s life and work, here they present their documents, personal letters and photographs. On the second floor there is a workshop, which also preserve its authentic decoration. There are furniture inside, collected and grouped in this space, which shows the delicate taste of the poet and his pleasures.


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