The Oka Garden of the Kremlin

Situated on a high steep bank of the Kremlin on Voevodovoy Mountain, the Oka Species Garden is seen such that even the seven hills of Moscow would be jealous. Once there, you can see a circle for the dances in worship to the pagan gods of the ancient inhabitants of Murom, where this world was built with wooden fortifications of the Kremlin, and then these were dismantled by order of Catherine II, and it dresses in the fashion of the 19th century, the extension of the family was to take a walk through the instances of the park of Prince Trubetskói. In short, the destination of this rich and green hill is enviable.

It all started very simple, long ago the territory of the Oka Garden was an old settlement called Old Castle of God. There was a beautiful timber from Muromsky in Kremlin, which was dismantled by the ruin state, by Catherine the Great in the 18th century.

Since then, this picturesque place was abandoned until in 1852 Prince Ivan Aleksandrovich Trubetskói ordered to built a boulevard near the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Here Muromu Bezrukov writes about this gift.

On June 25, during the inauguration of the Murom fair, on the day of remembrance of Saints Peter and Fevronia, at six o’clock in the afternoon the first public walk on the boulevard and the gallery opened, which was organized by the care and the diligence of the Mayor and the Prince Ivan Alexandrovich Trubetskói, where all the neighbors were very grateful for this day.

Muromchanka N. Bezrukov

The boulevard was really a success: there are two avenues of linden trees and elms planted, which led to a wooden lookout with iron roof. Walking in the shade of the fragrant linden tree is ideal for those who like not only the highest light of Múrom but also all the citizens in the summer who meet with Tenek friends and winter gatherings to share news on the traditional boardwalk.

In the late 50’s of the 20th century the Oka Garden became a playground, joined by the cathedral square, built on a dance floor. Of course, nowadays the original park, destroyed in 1852, only left the elms of old age. However the Garden is still one of the most beautiful places in the city, high above the river on the southern outskirts of the Kremlin mountain.

It is worth visiting this place just for the incredible beauty of Oka and Zaokskie. But if tourists are lucky enough to bring children during the holidays to the Oka Garden you can take a ride on the Ferris wheel, carousel chain and other rides, eating ice cream just to diversify the leisure and being a bit distracted in The abundance of museums and monasteries of the ancient city of Murom glory.

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