The Teapot Museum in Pereslavl

If you go down the street of Podgornaya this will lead you to the boat of Pedro I, which is 700 meters away, and on the right side you will see a cabin of bright blue wood with a colorful fence. This museum is a glass of water (small) and one of the most popular private museums in Pereslavl. It was founded in 2003 by entrepreneurs Andreem Vorobevym and Dmitriem Nikishkinym. By the way, a year before, Andrei Vorobyov opened the well-known Iron Museum. Simply by being near the museum and without entering the interior, you can see what is coming will be something unusual. Around the house, besides plaques there are inscriptions of humor: “Here live the boilers”, “happiness Kipim”, “Pedro I Street, house number 17”, “Museum of steam locomotives 15 km”, “The site of the dummies”. Collections of effervescent and creative slogans can still be observed in the room.

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The exhibition is located in a small and cozy room of the old residential house with a real Russian stove. The collection exhibits more than 130 unique objects collected in different parts of our country. Made of copper, porcelain, cupro-nickel kettles and teapots, bright, enameled, small and giant kettles placed carefully on wooden shelves. And yet here is found a huge 15-liter Artel, water kettles, teapots in the form of “bird” as a hybrid swan samovar (allowing sailors to boil water and keep warm).

In addition to the mannequins, interesting objects from the daily life and lifestyle of the 19th and 20th centuries can be seen in the museum. In addition, the theme of the museum is directly related to the age of metal and boxes. Wood for tea, sugar, sugar tongs, silver and gold-plated cup holders and napkin hooks. The rest of the exhibitions to the tradition of the tea do not have a direct relation, but nostalgia creates an atmosphere of the last decades.

The tour takes place in 40 minutes under the musical accompaniment of an old gramophone. And the talk of a smiling girl about the tradition of tea consumption in Russia.

In the second room there is a souvenir shop. Here you can buy for example: cups, plates and teapots, bells of different colors and sizes, glasses with coasters, plates, magnets and postcards.

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