The Trinity Cathedral in Alexandrov

The Sloboda of Alexander was a complex and unique medieval palace. It was created by Italian and Russian masters and contemporaries in the beauty and richness of the Moscow Kremlin.

The oldest building has survived to this day and the only thing that has come down since the time of the Vasily III is the small and very beautiful Cathedral of the Trinity, built in 1513. By the way, it was originally consecrated as intercession, and became The Trinity in the 18th century.

Obviously, the architects were inspired by the temple of the Holy Trinity church in the Lavra of St Sergio.


The palace temple was built in 1513, it was the true pride of the suburban royal residence of the king of basil III. While the throne of Basil III, Ivan IV the son of the terrible was who transformed Alexander’s neighborhood into the covert capital of Muscovy, where he was brought 2 objects of copper from Novgorod and Tver. Now they adorn the cathedral in the southern and western portal.

The Cathedral of the Trinity changed many times its appearance for 5 centuries. To this the gallery and the porch were added.

¿What can you see?

The construction of the temple, although it has the shape of a cube, did not have a bulky appearance yet, since the cube is in an even more massive podklet, which is a kind of base for the interior. The vaults are supported by four pillars and the tower crowned with a round dome.

The usual white cathedral after the name change it received in the 18th century, was decided by the monks presented as a new kind of pious temple. Before that, the cathedral was quite colorful, as it is built from brick and white stone.

After changing the name they made the interior decoration. The fresh patterns of the Virgin Mary were replaced by others. But thanks to the restoration carried out, they can be seen today, and part can be seen at the same time the paintings created in the 16th century, in the times of “Pokrovsky”.

We found in the basement 7 tombs with very rich tombstones. As the investigators discovered, they observed that in one of the tombs rests the monk Cornelius, and in the 2nd tomb the daughter of Ivan the Terrible. The names of the other dead are not known yet.

Trinity Cathedral in Alexandrov was an involuntary witness of the major historical events and hosted many kings among its walls. Under his vaults Ivan Grozny was crowned with Marfoy Sobakinoy, who is then executed for alleged treason.

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