The Yaroslav Zoo

Several years ago, the Mayor of Yaroslavl, Victor Volonchuasu, came up with the idea of creating a zoo in a totally unique way for our country. It was inaugurated at the end of the summer of 2008 to celebrate the thousandth day of city’s birth.

The zoo was built near Smolensk in the Zavolzhsky district. At the opening, its total area was 67 hectares, and it now exceeds approximately 120 hectares. In these enormous areas, there are more than 1,600 animals of 250 different species.

This zoo has a singularity, and it is that the animals are not in cages. Anyone who has been to the zoo can assure you that it is a wonderful place, where you can observe the majestic bengal tigers, snow leopards and the noisy family of red wolves, who are not obliged to live in a cage. So, this is exactly what you will never see in another zoo. There is every kind of landscape, in which it gives them the largest space their inhabitants need, with conditions of well-being for the animals, and thus one can observe as close as possible to the natural, so that even species in Danger of extinction that are in the zoo, have conditions of reproduction.

In addition to the reverent attitude to the comfort of its occupants, the Yaroslavl Zoo attracts and draws much attention, as it is undoubtedly very picturesque. There are ponds for waterfowl, flamenco islands and stone slides for ungulates, which mix with the surrounding landscape, which has a pleasant aspect, and best of all, is that people are prepared to detail, and even loving nature in all its splendor.

Throughout the year the Zoo has in active functioning an educational and demonstration center called “The Ark”, in which children learn from biology and zoology.


Address: St. Shevelyuha 137
Directions: bus № 21 and 121, taxi № 93 (red square); Bus № 25 (Zavolzhsky, Dzerzhinskii rn); Taxis № 148 (ZD Motor, “Giant”).
Hours: It is open seven days a week. The main area opens its doors from 10:00 until 19:00. The hours of exposure of “Ungulados Park” are from 11:00 to 17:00 without rest. The community work hours of the “Zoo” are from 11:00 to 19:00 (free of charge). And finally, the attractions of the “train” and “Hare” open from 10:00 to 19:00 (box office at 18:30).


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