The Yeni-Kale Fortress in Kerch

During the Soviet era in Kerch, no accident had been awarded as the highest title of the city hero. Due to its location which has had a strategic importance where it now has many associated places of interest. In the northeast, on the shores of Kerch Strait is the Turkish fortress of Yeni-Kale. It could be just one of the rows of points on the map of Crimea (mostly because it has survived since it is not at its best) but on the contrary it enjoys a very beautiful place. The tourists of Kerchane themselves love to come here, not only to touch their history, but also to enjoy the solitude and to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful nature.

The history of the Yeni-Kale Fortress

Such an unusual name for a Russian “Yeni Kale” is translated from Turkish as “New Fortress” and due to the fact that at first the local area belonged to the Turks. From 1699 to 1706 citadel was built, and in 1771 it surrendered without fighting against the Russian army. According to the Kucuk-Kaynarka treaties of Kerch in Russia it moved along with the fortress in 1774

The site of the Yeni-Kale Fortress was of strategic importance, here, from the point of the Kerch Strait, it could be as narrow as possible to control the passage of ships between the Azov and the Black Sea.

At dawn of its history, the Ottoman fortress is a powerful structure of three levels, sheltered from the earth wall and a moat. It was built in the shape of an irregular pentagon and it occupied different levels of height. The moat that surrounded the citadel on three sides was an additional level. Cannons were placed at the corners, some of which defended the wall in order to improve the bombings. The Yeni-Kale Fortress housed two gunpowder stores, an arsenal, as well as houses, a water tank, a toilet and a mosque.

The citadel of the 19th century was used as a military facility, where it housed a military hospital.

After the hospital stopped working, the fort finally came to desolation. World War II returned to the ranks of its objects of strategic importance, the Marines fought fierce battles here with German soldiers. Shortly after the war, restoration work was carried out, and its architectural monument was recognized.

Tours in Yeni Kale

The ancient fortress is the beauty and power of Yeni-Kale, unfortunately, you will not be able to fully please this wish, since she has not returned to its original form. It is the memory of the past with its majestic gate of Azov, walls and towers preserved of the bastion, that offers breathtaking views to the sea. Having examined the shape of the ancient ruins (and more attention should be given as they are of great historical and cultural value), do not deny the pleasure of strolling through the neighborhood and spending an unforgettable day at the beaches.


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