The Yusupov Palace in Koreiz

Crimea is a wonderful region with a hectic history, unusual nature and a dry weather that improves health. Therefore, it is obvious the attraction for people of different classes and titles on the Black Sea Coast of Crimea. Today, the coast of Crimea is full of remarkable preserved palaces. One of them is the Palace of Yusupov Princes, recently opened to the public.

A little history

The prince comes from the Yusupov dynasty, which is one of the most distinguished, influential and wealthy families in Russia. The ancestors of many Russian aristocratic dynasties were of the Golden Horde, who approached the service of the Grand Prince of Moscow, and it was baptized like the Yusupov, Urusov and Godunovs that carried their ancestry for 14 or 15 centuries. The wealth acquired at the service of the Khan, added new dynastic marriages that strengthened the position of others’ work. At the end of the 19th century Feliks Yusupov Sr. was the governor-general of Moscow, and his son, Felix Yusupov, Jr., married the niece of Emperor Nicholas II, Irina.

That is the beauty of Irina Yusupov, who served as a “bait” for the famous female lover Grigori Rasputin, who was part of the murder of her husband, Felix. The princess poisoned the ‘old’ cakes with cyanide filling.

The Princess’ estate had several luxury palaces in St. Petersburg and Moscow, which then succumbed to the widespread epidemic and then was completely rebuilt in the Crimea. The new project is created with a more modern sense at that time by the Red Crimean architect. But what is really wonderful is that the palace remained in the melting pot of the three revolutions and civil war with little or no damage.

¿What can you see?

The palace was built in an eclectic style; it is believed that it dominates the Italian Renaissance, but it is clearly visible that the elements of the Middle and even the architecture is Arabic baroque. For example, the sculpture of lions virtually adorns every staircase of the palace, and it also abounds in all corners of the park, as well as other sculptures.

The interiors were made in the Art Nouveau style, in the basement of the house where they once housed the cellars during the Soviet era, at the initiative of Czech Dzerzhinsky, so a bunker was built. During the Crimea conference, it is said that Stalyn slept here.

For a long time the palace served as a summer residence for senior officials of Russia and Ukraine, and it was impossible to come here on a trip, as ordinary tourists could explore the palace only from the mountains. Today, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the palace belongs to the President’s Administration, and it is visited by tourist groups.

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