Vladimir’s Cathedral Square

When it comes to a historic center of the city, most people think of old houses strung in narrow streets. There is a certain truth in these thoughts. However, the heart of any city is considered the central area. It is here, in an open space, where important issues of public life can be resolved, where fairs and dozens of military parades have been held.

The Vladimir Cathedral Square is a classic example of the central area of a large city. Its set was formed more than a decade ago, and yet all buildings are quite harmonious. In addition to the architectural structures of great magnitude, in this place there are more monuments and memorials dedicated to events and important people whose lives have been related to the history of Vladimir.


The most popular names of the zone are Uspensky Cathedrals and Dmitrievsky. The tradition of the folk groups in the main square of Vladimir has several centuries. Since the antiquity, in the great religious celebrations thousands of citizens and peasants of the surrounding towns gathered.

According to testimony, it was not until the 20th century, where the square and territory began in a demonstration of a sad show due to dirt, large amounts of potholes and holes. The Cathedral is actively used as a ceremonial parade.

What to see?

In the center of the square is the 22 meter pedestal cathedral with a monument typical of Soviet architecture. A guardian warrior on the top, the architect and the worker symbolizing the courage, intelligence and work of Vladimir. However, there is a monument to Prince Vladimir, a Red Sun who was made by Andrei Rublev. going left of the last positions of the Cathedral of the Assumption is found the living incarnation of Russian architecture. And near the cathedral of St. Dmitriya Solunskogo there is a museum dedicated to the history of the temple. There is a three-storey building, which was opened by government offices for exhibitions dedicated to the history of Vladimir. On this site there are art galleries.

In winter, in Vladimir’s cathedral square is placed the main Christmas tree of the city.

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