Adalary Rocks

There are lots of romantic legends that are covered with two small islands, with uneven rocks protruding from the Black Sea. This is one of the symbols of Gurzufe, the famous cliff of Adalary. Like a solitary candle from Lermontov’s poem, “they turn white in the mist of the blue sea.” In fact, the color of light can easily be explained by the presence of limestone in the rocks, and on some maps have been designated “white stones”. Once Adalary was part of the coast, but under the influence of time and tectonic movements was separated from the earth. The remains of the ridge that were destroyed can only be seen beneath water surface. Folk tales have an opinion as to the Adalary origin. According to the most famous legend, in ancient times, rich princes lived in the upper part of the Ayu-Dag, brothers Peter and George. In an attempt to win the love of the two brothers, they were taken on a horseback ride in the sun and were almost burned. But the next day they dared to disturb the peace of the sea lord, and the magic of their trident turned them both into horses with the horsemen on the sharp rocks.

The popular comic story says that the name of the island comes from the desperate cry of “Oh, Dallara!” Some Americans say that a strong gust of wind ripped off their purse with all the cash.

Another legend tells about the restaurant “Venice”, built directly on the rocks, but destroyed by the earthquake. At the beginning of the last century, with the development of Suuk-Su station on the island, enterprising restaurateurs opened the “crown”. It was not a pretentious restaurant, but rather a country house, despite the elements nestled on a cliff. Staff, food, drinks, and visitors arriving by sea on ships could enjoy an unusual atmosphere and the opportunity to participate in a gaming institution that gained extraordinary popularity. The hostess of the place even started the project on the island from the cable connection with the Dzhenevez-Kai rock, but plans for the development of the gaming industry were hampered by revolution and civil war. A tunnel excavated in the rock for the construction, and a restaurant conserved under the rubble of the stone are the only remains left in memory of the descendants

For amateur divers, there is a legend about precious treasures, resting on the bottom near Adalary due to numerous wrecks. The history of treasure hunters say that under the depths of the island there are ships that docked at a certain time when the Ayu-Dag bridge was connected. With depths of up to 40 meters, they carry various remains of ceramics and metal in their surroundings, fragments of vessels, among others.

¿How to get there?

Getting to Adalary can be done by anyone, tourists with confidence in their skills can get there by swimming, it is the benefit of the “stones” beach of Gurovsky with a very small distance. However, this option is not entirely safe, since usually a variety of motor boats and yachts move around the rocks. Therefore, it is better to use the boat, to sail to the islands by boat or pedal boat. The Catamaran can be rented on almost all the beaches of Gurzufe, but if you want to see the rocks, it is best to go in Artek; Walk on the boat from the sea around the rocks.

Boat trips can be done best on a windless day. During this time, around the twin rocks go to a whole group of catamarans, boats and yachts.

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