Cathedral of the Ascension in Tver

The Cathedral of the Ascension was built on the site of two wooden churches, which appeared in Tver, at the very beginning of the 17th century. During the Polish-Lithuanian invasion, the church was burned but it was later rebuilt, However, the second called Epiphany was once again destroyed by fire, and was not subsequently rebuilt. The Church of the Ascension of wood, also had to close briefly and was lost again in the fire. Finally in 1751 was partially open, the building was built and consecrated as a stone church. In the next fire it was damaged again, but it was restored. The bell tower joins the church in 1805.

Later, the cathedral was also altered and the work was finished, so that the building was left with an ocher end with white elements and beautiful paintings inside and outside so it was a real gem of Tver. The temple was closed in 1935, it was later placed in the museum of the exhibition. In 1990, the cathedral was returned to the Orthodox Church.

Throughout history there are numerous reorganizations and alterations of the cathedral that today is difficult to trace. It is known that at some point it had been planned to modify, giving the church baroque characteristics, but could not find the necessary funds. Therefore, the current architecture of the Ascension Cathedral can be called neo-classical: it is a massive square building with a narrow central drum beneath a semicircular vault and a three-tiered door connecting the belfry.

In 1994, the tradition was revived by the procession with the image of our Lady of Tijvin: the procession begins in the Monastery of the Nativity and ends in the Cathedral of the Assumption. In the same year, the cathedral was transferred to the power of the martyr Thaddeus. Today it is one of the most revered shrines in temples. Another of the values of the cathedral is the icon of “The Mountain of Grease”, which represents the Virgin and Child. Unfortunately, the original icon was stored for a long time in the church of the Smolensk cemetery, so it was lost, and a copy of it is currently in the cathedral.

Practical information

If you are traveling through Russia and you have visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, you have seen all the monuments and historical places, and you have made the decision to see other Russian cities, then you are in Tver and here it is very easy to find The Cathedral of the Ascension. Its address is St. Port, 26, at the corner of Port Tverskoy Avenue Street.

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