“Composite Aliosha” Museum-Theater

The “Composite Aliosha” Museum-Theater is located in Yaroslavl, it is one of those museums that are associated with Russian folklore, ancient traditions and the provincial flavor as well as the pleasant atmosphere of the museums with the request that recreated the age and the indispensable central image of Mother Russia, with its broad mind. The small museum space, “Compound Aliosha” is beautifully fused with Russian traditions and modern technology, a fairy tale and reality, museum and theater have created a very fun and welcoming place in their alliance. Visitors will meet familiar characters from the school. The naughty Alyosha Popovich entertains the guests with stories and exciting rhymes, with the fun house of Shabarsha, where they can laugh and joke, and Lyubava beauty in the care of customers who give it gifts. The magical inhabitants of the trunk, “Aleshin Podvorya” contain several interesting programs.

The “Treatise of Lyubava” is a fascinating hourly event, during which fairy-tale characters not only entertain our beloved guests, but will also present each individual gift, sharing predictions of the horse Julia and the delight of the traditional russian treats. The interactive theatrical performance will introduce visitors to the traditions of ancient Russian life. Participants will demonstrate a collection of weapons and talk about heroes, who will enjoy it very much. Representatives of the strong will be dedicated to heroes, and women will try to learn the basics of making amulets. At the end of the program you will meet with a magic Phoenix bird, which is said to make the most precious wish come true. The excursion program is aimed at visitors of all ages.

For lovers who dream of a hoop, who can not decide on this step, the museum “Aliosha Yard” offers a ceremony of theatrical commitment made around the old rules and canons. The young test of loyalty, make the other amulets protective, the rings are exchanged and, finally, get a well-deserved certificate of commitment.

Useful information

Address: Yaroslavl, ul. Pervomayskaya. 55.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

The museum is located in the historical center of Yaroslavl, near the walls of the monastery of the Holy Transfiguration. You can reach it on all types of public transport, which is followed by the Epiphany area. If you leave at the “Day” stop, you will have to go from the main post office on the other side of the Epiphany square and a short walk in the direction of the Kotorosl embankment.

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