Dendro Evpatoria

The word “arboretum” comes from the Greek dendron, which means “tree”. This area contains plantations of different plants in the natural spaces that are studied by botanists. The arboretum is intended for public recreation, so residents of Yalta and visitors who have been here are lucky enough to witness the flora that never grows in the Crimean steppe area.

The Arboretum is a perfect holiday destination for those tired of the summer heat and the hustle and bustle of the city.


The construction of the park was determined in the attempt to plant seedlings that never grow in the peninsula of acacia and blackberry. Trees planted in the city, oddly enough, took a good root. Revolutions and wars prevented building and work plans from being activated, so it began only in 1936, where authorities planned to convert the town into a royal health center in order to obtain the desired arboretum.

The experts chose the spas, which were surrounded by dirt in the coastal part of the city with a clean air. Seedlings began to grow rapidly.

The arboretum was severely damaged during World War II, but thanks to the efforts of local scientists, the green place has been restored and updated with new species. There was a serious drawback, the problem of water scarcity, since the irrigation system at the beginning of this century had not been installed to improve the condition of trees.

¿What can you see?

Despite the clayey dirt and a small area in the territory of Yevpatoriya park, it covers almost 300 species of trees and shrubs. Many of them have grown on the earth for thousands of years and are considered a relic. Here are the local natives such as pine, cypress, juniper, ash, almond, maple, and guests from other parts of the world such as palms, agave, figs, Sophora japonica, and others.

The alternation of the open areas with the ornamental plants and the exuberant canopy trees create an organic natural park. For the comfort of the visitors the alley has been created along with benches where you can sit and enjoy the splurge of colors as well as listen to the birds singing.

The small trees adorn the artificial lakes and ponds, there is even a private waterfall. Fans of not only flora and fauna can visit the zoo area, where crocodiles live. The playground space is undeveloped, so the arboretum can be called as a place for families.

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