Koktebel Winery

At the foot of the southeast of the volcanic massif, the legendary Karadag extends, that is where Koktebel is. The well deserved recognition for its wonderful wines and spirits produced from the best grapes in the “Koktebel” winery. This winery is one of the largest not only on the Crimean peninsula but throughout the country. The success of the winery is based on three components: the centuries-old traditions of loyalty, impeccable quality and unique terrain conditions that allow the elite to produce the grapes. In view of the vineyards of Koktebel, there is always an association with spectacular landscapes of the wine regions of France: Provence, the Loire Valley, Corsica. The international recognition of the “Koktebel” brand emphasizes more than 170 medals, diplomas and certificates of international exhibitions. Especially the appreciated vintage wine and the cognac of the drinks produced in the Crimean wine cellar.

History of the plant

The history of Koktebel wine is breathtaking for that century; It is known that even in ancient times had not participated successfully in wine production. The industrial viniculture in Koktebel was born in 1879 thanks to the scientist E. Junge, it was he who prepared the local fertile land for the first vineyards. A. Junge continued what his father started, to complete the construction of the winery. The modern wine cellar in Koktebel was founded in 1944. It appeared by combining two farms, Koktebel and Voroshilov. Initially the production of Koktebel, administratively belonged to the “Yalta”. By the middle of the century, the hold of the winery was around 200 hectares of vineyards, over time, its area increased significantly, now covers more than 2,200 hectares, and production facilities and warehouses occupy 16 hectares more.

Subtleties of technology

The Koktebel winery offers a complete production cycle, which is not typical for Crimean companies of this profile. Through the hands of its employees, the grapes pass all stages of transformation into a valuable beverage: planting vine cuttings, harvesting and long-term processing with tracking and aging in the cellar of the winery, And finally bottling the finished product. The thickest coastal hill contains 120 meters of tunnels, and are kept in the barrel with cellars that correspond to different levels of wines of different ages. The special pride of the “Koktebel” wine factory is organized in extracts from Madeira. The workshop begins with special greenhouses where the Madeira matures within a year and continue in an open area where wine barrels are kept in the sun for three more years.

Thanks to the modern technological activities and good climatic conditions of the “Koktebel” harvest, they can make approximately 20 thousand tons per year, as was the case in 1973, registration, but unfortunately the perfect climate of Crimea happens with little frequency.

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