Museum of the Soviet Automobile Industry in Ivanovo

Tagged as the “city of brides” so firmly attached to Ivanovo, where many feel as if there is nothing other than weavers. But this is not the case, the clearest example of a true male facility is the Soviet Automobile Industry Museum, which belongs to the “RIAT” group, which is a company founded in 1992 on the basis of Ivanovo with an experimental repair plant. The main activity was (and still is) car repair and production of spare parts. The organization of the museum is a living expression of four-wheeled man friends, love and a great marketing job. In three years of existence, the exhibition was visited by thousands of people, spreading among the Russian motorists the notoriety of the golden hands of the teachers of Ivanovo that can bring back to life.

What can you see?

The museum has a complete line of “Volga”, two of “The Seagull”, “Gaza”, “ZIL”. In serial production models, there is the famous “cent”, and these are the only ones of that kind in their instances. All vehicles here are restored. In this place the “seagull” shines, glass of the charismatic government with seats for the folding guards. Inside the leather interior is still the taste of the great era. Nearby is the modest work of the GAZ-69A, which is the “goat” Russia’s workhorse of the presidents of collective farms and police. Gray “The Victory” drove here directly from the screen of the movie “Watch out for the car”.

The car in the EKX with the number 72 in the upper body created by the Soviet Automobile Industry, released for the needs of high-ranking officials in the USSR sunset with an amount of 200 pieces.

The most unusual display is the “machine, which is not” specially equipped for the “Volga” KGB, designed for surveillance and prosecution of enemy agents and suspects.

The restoration of automobiles are produced in the repair shop “Riata”. The machine is completely dismantled, all parts are cleaned of dirt, rust and old paint. The engine and chassis are repaired using original parts and materials. These are carefully restored on the dashboard. After assembly, the restored car is run, and only after it takes its proper place in the museum. In Russia a few companies are able to restore older vehicles. Here these are taking the job not only of domestic vehicles but also of foreigners of any brand and in any condition. Pleasure is not cheap, comparable to the cost of a good foreign car, but without the wizard, it is not felt at any time.

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