Nikitsky Botanical Garden

While you are on holiday in the Crimea, be sure to take enough time to visit the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. It is a famous scientific establishment that is not far from Yalta and gives tourists unforgettable excursions. The impressed visitors remain without exception in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, since here thousands of species of flowers and trees are collected, including some very rare, that are not found anywhere else and you have the possibility to see them.

The Garden consists of upper and lower parks where majestic cedars, cypresses, palm trees, figs, bamboo and numerous other trees grow. Once in the lower park of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, you can observe a circular pool where beautiful lotus flowers grow.

In the territory of the Nikitsky botanical garden, along with souvenir shops, there are other shops where you can buy seeds and flower seedlings, as well as a cafe to rest and have a snack after the tour.

Here you can enjoy the fragrance of the flower plantations at any time of the year. Thus, with the last decade of March and mid-May delicate tulips bloom. In the Nikitsky Botanical Garden these flowers have been growing for more than half a century, and now there are tulip collection agencies that have more than 150 varieties. From the last week of April to the end of May you can appreciate the precious iris flower (which, by the way, there are more than 130 varieties). The queen of flowers is the Rose, which satisfies tourists from mid-May to late December. In the Botanical Garden Nikitskiy grow more than 100 varieties of roses.

The special pride of the garden is a science museum, where you can see the unique herbarium numbering of nearly 170,000 copies as well as ornamental plants from the 19th and 20th centuries. Be sure to check out the cactus greenhouse efect at the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. For example, there are Mexican cactus that have reached almost 50 years.

No less interesting will be the Paradise Garden, which was created in 2009. During this time more than five thousand plants have been planted, selected so that throughout the year you can see a beautiful flower in the garden. In the territory of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, along with souvenir shops there are other shops where you can buy seeds and flower seedlings, as well as a cafe to rest and have a snack after the tour. The Botanical Garden of Nikita is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00. (November to April) and from 09:00 to 18:00 (May to October). Also to know the native nature and make an unforgettable trip you can visit the city of Sochi and see the “Dendrarium” Botanical Garden.

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