10 places to visit in Kaliningrad

10 places to visit in Kaliningrad

What are the best places to visit in Kaliningrad? here we mention it. What to see in Kaliningrad, a place full of history and fascinating places of interest. Take a guided tour in Kaliningrad with Free Tour Russia is possible.

Kaliningrad is the westernmost city in Russia. It is located in the middle of the European countries between Lithuania and Poland. The city that throughout its history belonged to different countries and its appearance was formed in an unusual way.

Undoubtedly there are many places that are worth your attention and in this article we will tell you about 10 most interesting places to visit in Kaliningrad.

What to see in Kaliningrad

1. Koenigsberg Cathedral
The cathedral museum complex is, perhaps, the most important place to see in Kaliningrad. This is where most tourists try to arrive when here. The cathedral of Kaliningrad is a kind of business card of the city.

Interesting facts:

– the building was almost destroyed during the Second World War, in 1992 the government of the city began the construction of the cathedral.
– But despite this moment, the building is very interesting to look especially on the outside, so you can find the old elements on the walls, plates with inscriptions and etc
– The tomb of the philosopher Immanuel Kant
– inside the cathedral is Immanuel Kant museum, which is dedicated to the history of the city before the Second World War
– there is the organ hall, where they give concerts every week;
– the park around the cathedral: a beautiful place to rest and take a walk

2. Fishing village

In a few steps from the Cathedral is located the area called Fishing Village. A long time ago there really was the street where the fishermen sold fish. Today is the tourist area and very nice with bars, restaurants and an interesting place: the lighthouse.

Interesting facts:

– there is a cozy restaurant on the second floor of the lighthouse, where you can have a coffee and admire the views
– in the same place they do the wine tastings or exhibitions
– at the top of the lighthouse there is a magnificent observation deck, and you can reserve this place for a romantic dinner at night, for example
– You can walk near the pretty malecon
– In the neighborhood there is a store of articles made of amber.

3. World Ocean Museum

The place for everyone who wants to be once on the real ship or on a submarine. An excellent place to spend time with children.

Interesting facts:

– can visit a real submarine;
– be on the deck of a true scientific vessel;
– look at the rare fish in the aquarium;
– an extensive entertainment program of the museum will be interesting for children (details must be specified in advance);
– stroll through the beautiful malecon.

World ocean museum
World ocean museum


World ocean museum
World ocean museum

4. The “Blindage” Museum

Underground bunker, which was built for shelter during the Second War. Now in the Bunker is the military museum.

Interesting facts:

– visit a real underground military bunker;
– visit the military exhibition (the ruins of Konigsberg, with the scenes where they reproduce the moment of capture of the city).

The “Blindage” Museum
The “Blindage” Museum


The “Blindage” Museum

5. Brandenburg Gate (Kaliningrad)

One of the seven preserved gates of Kaliningrad. They are located at the end of Bagrationa Street which turns into Suvorova Street, on the border of the historic urban district of Haberberg.

Interesting facts:

– The Brandenburg Gate is the only gate of the seven that still exist in Kaliningrad, which performs its original transport function.
– The construction has been restored and is protected by the Russian state as an architectural and historical monument.

Brandeburg gate
Brandeburg gate

6. The Amber Museum

The museum with the largest collection of amber in Russia.

Interesting facts:

– the museum is located in an important building from the point of view of history, exactly on its roof the red flag was raised, which meant victory in the battle for the city;
– a large number of unique exhibitions of amber
– especially the exhibition of silver objects and handmade jewelery
– Here you can buy gifts made of amber
– Enjoy the pleasant walk through the malecon and observe the fortress in which the museum is located.

Ambar Museum
Ambar objects

7. The old gates of Friedland in Kaliningrad

Koenigsberg was not just a city, it was a fortress, surrounded on all sides by a wall and a moat with water. Special gates were used for entry and exit, some of which have been saved to this day. Among others the gates of Friedland that can be visited, nowadays this place has become a museum.

Interesting facts:

– The museum has a lot of old German things, looking at which one can understand what was the level of life of the Germans before the war;
– You can watch a documentary about Koenigsberg;
– Walk under the vaults of an old building;
– look at the local cheese museum;
– to learn a lot of interesting about the channeling device of the city, which is used for this day.

Friedland gates
Friedland gates


Friedland gates
Friedland gates

8. Torture Museum in a medieval castle

In the suburbs of Kaliningrad there is a medieval castle, which will surprise you with its atmosphere. In its interior the castle keeps a real museum of tortures ..

Interesting facts:

– look at the instruments of torture that were used in the Middle Ages, and rejoice that we did not live in those times
– see the skeletons in the cubicles of the castle bathroom;
– dine in a restaurant surrounded by gentlemen or order special services of the castle (for example, for newlyweds);
– buy the armor or some souvenir from the museum at a local store.

Torture chamber
Torture museum
The sink in the torture museum.

9. Curonian Spit

This is a nature reserve in the Kaliningrad region. It is a thin isthmus of sand that has the shape of a curve and separates the Curonian lake from the Baltic Sea. It belongs to Kaliningrad (Russia) and to Lithuania.

Interesting facts:

– you can find the trees in an incredible way
– walk along the wide beach and in the season swim in the sea
– meet along javali roads
– visit the museum of superstitions and look at thousands of wooden figures
– Look at the wild deer (lives in a protected area, surrounded by a fence).

Curonian spit
Curonian spit animals


Curonian spit animals
Trees in the Curonian spit

10. The medieval castle in Gvardeysk

In a small village of Gvardeysk there is a real medieval castle, but the problem is that now in its walls is located the prison. In 2014, they decided to consider transferring the prison to another place, and freeing the castle to preserve it as a cultural monument. But even if the situation has not changed, there are many interesting things in the same city.

Interesting facts:

– look at the prison building outside (possibly also inside);
– walk along the charming streets of Gvardeysk and look at many other old buildings;
– visit the main square of the city;
– Buy delights in the local bakery, which is located in the main square of the city.

The castle

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