The beautiful Monastery of the Nativity in Tver is located near the bank of the Tmaka river. Today it is difficult to name a specific date of the foundation of the monastery, but the first written mention of it refers to the early 16th century. Subsequently, the ruined monastery was rebuilt, so until the beginning

What to see in Tver? The Tver Regional Art Gallery was founded in 1866, but was later part of the museum throughout the city. The gallery of independent life began in 1937, and in 1990 it obtained its current name. In 1896 the gallery was moved to the wonderful Imperial Palace of Tver, where it

Each one of us who like mount climbing always dreams about the majestic two-headed Elbrus. Mount Elbrus is the highest pick of the Russian Caucasus in Europe. It is the highest mountain range of the lateral ridge of the Caucasus Mountains. Geologists have determined that Elbrus is the cone of an extinct volcano. Its western top

La altura de la Montaña de la Serpiente es de casi un kilómetro (para ser más precisos, es de 994 m), es un monumento natural y uno de los atractivos naturales más interesantes de las Aguas Minerales. El nombre de la montaña viene de la “Tau Zhlak”, que en turco es “La Montaña de la

Quiere visitar Cáucaso? La cuna de Nakh, ubicada al borde de las antiguas torres de vigilancia y la increíble naturaleza prístina, todo esto es la pintoresca Argun Gorge. Hoy en día se ha erigido una estación de esquí ultra-moderna en Veduchi y aquí está la tarjeta de presentación de Chechenia, las famosas torres gemelas Ushkaloyskie.

Alanian en tiempos antiguos fue uno de los centros del cristianismo en el Cáucaso. Una vez hubo muchas iglesias y monasterios ortodoxos. En las altas montañas de Osetia, los monjes rezaban, realizaban hazañas de fe, y en caso de peligro los protegían de los enemigos. Hoy en día, muchos de ellos han sido restaurados. Uno

How is the cultural life in Yaroslavl? There are many theaters in Yaroslavl but the most impressive is The Chamber theater. The theatre has an incredible atmosphere. Today it is the only private theater in Russia with permanent staff members. The theater holds its own festival. Between the participants, there are well-known theaters from Moscow

Yelagin Palace is an imperial summer residence, built in 1822 for the widow of Paul I, Maria Feodorovna during the reign of Alexander I. It got its name from its first owner. And kept it despite the change of owners. Architect Karl Rossi was the main architect of this project. This was his first big work

St John the Baptist Cathedral in Yaroslavl is located in the ancient land of Yaroslavl. It was built in 1658 as a wooden church but was destroyed in a fire in 1672. The stone church was erected late of XVII and became a sample of Yaroslavl school. The church has fifteen onion-shape domes. The walls

The monastery was founded at the very end of the XVII century. by the monks Sergius and Timofey, who retired to the island of Lake Vyatsk and placed there a wooden chapel and a wooden cell. The solitude, according to the legend, did not last long. A rumor went around and people who wanted to become