33 waterfalls in Sochi

Visit the Sochi waterfalls

If you like nature, visiting the Sochi waterfalls is ideal for you. Exploring the Sochi waterfalls during your stay in the city is an opportunity to see the majestic nature. Getting to know the Sochi waterfalls is possible with Free Tour Russia.

Explore Sochi waterfalls

33 waterfalls is a very famous place among visitors of Sochi. To be more correct these 33 waterfalls are located in the territory of the Lazarevsky district of the city of Sochi.

33 waterfalls is a nature reserve, the main attraction of which is a 12-meter-high waterfall. Impressive nature, mountain gorges, forests of wooded oaks, low relics rare and of course the waterfalls attract many people to enjoy the views and rest in the full nature.

Considering the characteristic of the waterfalls, they are part of a large waterfall, and go up and down like a natural water staircase, for the comfort of the multiple tourists that here built special wooden paths and stairs. Many tourists bathe in the waterfalls, although the water is quite cool, even in the summer season.

See Sochi waterfalls

Waterfalls can be reached either independently or as part of the excursion. And, maybe this is one of the few places in the Great Sochi, which is worth visiting with an organized tour.

If you want to try to reach the waterfalls by public transport, that can cause some problems. You will need to focus on the direction to the village Golovinka and then, through the village Bolshoi Kichmay you can reach the waterfalls. However, buses run along this route infrequently.

In conclusion, the 33 waterfalls is a very popular place among lovers of the outdoors and nature reserves, this place will give you many positive emotions and you will remember it for a lifetime. We recommend visiting this place if you travel to Sochi once and we wish you a pleasant stay!