5 biggest islands of Russia

What islands of Russia do you know? What oceans of Russia are you on? Russia has islands in all oceans, but in this article we would like to show you 5 biggest islands of the country.

  1. Sahalin Island. With an island area of 76,430 square meters.

The largest island in the country (and of the 5 largest Russian islands as well). It is on the east coast of Asia and belongs to the Sahalinski region. The origin of the name comes from the Manchu language of the name of the river “Sahalian-ulla”, printed on the map, it was given to the island by mistake, and since then this is its name.

The length of the island is 948 km, the width from 26 to 160 km. From the mainland it is separated by the Strait of Tartary which freezes in winter.

Until the 19th century the status of the island was not identified. According to the contract signed between Russia and Japan in 1875 the island remained with the Russian Empire, Japan in its case obtained the Northern Kuril Islands.

Right after the formation of the contract, the Russian government determined Sahalin as the place for criminals. After the end of the Russo-Japanese war b formation of the Treaty of Portsmouth, Japan got the part of Sahalin from the south, however in the year 1920 Japan started the occupation of the northern part of the island of Sahalin, which lasted until the year 1925. After the Second World War the whole territory of Sahalin Island was included in the Russian part.

Sahalin is a tourist jewel. What attracts the attention of the visitors is the nature. Vaida mountain (900 meters above sea level) and Vaydiyskaya cave – the unique natural complex. In the cave you can find strange stalactites and stalagmites, and other wonders.


  1. Séverny Island, with an area of 48,904 square meters.

The island belongs to Archangel’s Oblast, and is the fourth island of islands in Russia and the largest in Europe. Curious that Severny Island is bigger some countries like: Denmark, Switzerland, Holland and Estonia.

The length of the island is 132 km, width: 1.5 km.

The most of the island’s territory is occupied by glaciers, the largest of which has an area of almost 20 thousand square kilometers. It is the largest glacier in Europe and the world after the glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland.


  1. Yuzni Island, with an area of 33,275 square meters.

As the island of Severny (mentioned in this article “5 largest islands of Russia”) belongs to the Archangel of Russia’s Novaya Zemlia archipelago. It is separated from the Severny Island by the Matochkin Strait (2-3 km wide).

The Novaya Zemlia archipelago, the view from the satellite, can be seen Matochkin Strait.


  1. October Revolution Island, its area is 13,708 square meters.

More than half of the island’s territory is covered by glaciers. Only 5% of the territory is tundra, the rest of the island: arctic desert, where only mosses and lichens grow.


  1. The Kotelny Islands, with an area of 23,200 square meters.

The island is in the archipelago of the Novosibirsk islands. The majority of the territory is occupied by the desert with few bushes. The island was discovered in 1774 by a nobleman Ivan Liahov.  The remains of mammoths can still be found on the island.


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