Arena “Luzhniki” in Moscow

“Luzhniki” Location: Moscow
Year of construction: 2017 (under construction)
Price of construction: 1 bn. $
Capacity: 89,318 spectators
Home team: Russian team

Arena “Luzhniki” is considered to be the main stadium in Moscow. The most important sporting events will be held here. FIFA World Cup to be held in 2018, will not be an exception.

The stadium opened its doors in 1956, now in a total reconstruction, in 2018 the opening and closing of the World Cup is planned. In addition, it is in “Luzhniki” in Moscow the semifinal and final, decisive will be held.

In relation to the 2018 World Cup is an active reconstruction of the stadium, which began in 2013. At the beginning it was planned in its entirety the dismantling of the old great stadium and replace it with the new, but later it was decided to carry out a renovation to background in order to preserve the familiar face of the stadium. Currently, the stadium has a capacity of 78,000 spectators, after the opening of the spectators will increase to 81 thousand.

There will also be special places for people with disabilities. Significantly increase the number of entries to the stadium – now there are 13, and after the reconstruction will be 23. The two screens will be installed, which will broadcast the matches. The installation will have a control center, which will give you a complete view of all the stands.

At the beginning of the reconstruction, the developers plan to open in the “Luzhniki” a hotel for fans who wish. Now, this idea has also been rejected, in the stadium will be only the sports facilities. During the renovation, not only will the number of seats increase, all engineering systems are changing, work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015.

In this stage of the reconstruction of the stadium the center was finished. Already added the stands, the increase of the base for the installation in the field of the coating produced by the bleachers. At the beginning of 2016 the stadium boxes will be installed in the venues. The race tracks around the stadium were replaced, as well as a football field itself – instead of the usual natural coverage of artificial turf. All the reconstruction must be completed in 2017, now 4000 workers are working in the field at the same time. Already active lifting areas. The owners want to finish all the work in the next year, and in 2017 they carried out only nuances of the work.

Still and with the renovation of the stadium, will remain the property of “Luzhniki”, according to the owners, immediately after the World Cup in 2018 the eight training fields, designed specifically for the championship, will be transferred to the centers of sports and youth schools, and training schools will be created.

The stadium is located at Ul. Luzhniki 24. Tel: 74957800808

Arena “Luzhniki” on the map: