Russia is a multi-national state with over 186 ethnic groups designated as nationalities. The majority of the population is Russian. The next-largest groups are Tatars than Ukranian, Chuvash, Bashkirs, Belorussians, and others. So be ready when you ask someone in Russia: ”Are you Russian?”-, to hear back: “No, I have a Russian passport, but I

Religion and Ethnicities in Russia I What to know about religions in Russia? In this article, we will talk a little about religion and ethnicities in Russia For example, there are things to know about the Russian Orthodox Church or to know about Islam in Russia; both religions are very different but interesting to learn.

Religion and Ethnicity in Russia II What to know about religions in Russia, many people are interested in this particular topic; therefore, we have prepared the following article; which speaks in part about Judaism in Russia or about Buddhism in Russia and more. What to know about religions in Russia: On Judaism in Russia The

Visit Moscow Metro What to see in the Moscow metro, one of the most emblematic places in the capital. Visiting the Moscow metro is ideal during a guided tour to delight your eyes on its structure while you know its history. Knowing the Moscow metro has never been better. Explore the Moscow metro Moscow Metro

Visit the amber museum in Kaliningrad What to see in the amber museum in Kaliningrad, one of the attractions or tourist places of greatest interest. Visiting the amber museum in Kaliningrad is ideal during a guided tour. Getting to know the amber museum in Kaliningrad is easy and fun. The only amber museum in Russia

Visit the Kutafia Tower in Moscow What is Kutafia Tower in Moscow? Visiting the Kutafia Tower in Moscow is a chance to learn about the history of the Russian capital. Excursion in the Kutafia Tower in Moscow is ideal for you. The main entrance of the Moscow Kremlin is through the Kutafia Tower. That construction

Visit the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg The Hermitage is the largest museum in Russia and has one of the largest art collections in the world. Moreover, the museum complex is located in five buildings. To see all its attractions and not get lost in the endless halls of the palace, we recommend you book a

10 places to visit in Kaliningrad What are the best places to visit in Kaliningrad? here we mention it. What to see in Kaliningrad, a place full of history and fascinating places of interest. Take a guided tour in Kaliningrad with Free Tour Russia is possible. Kaliningrad is the westernmost city in Russia. It is

Sochi: Useful information about the city What to see in Sochi, a beautiful city full of history and incredibly fascinating places. Places to visit in Sochi and more only with Free Tour Russia. If you are wondering how to get to Sochi, here we tell you. What to see in Sochi Sochi is the main

Get to know Kaliningrad – History of the city: from Tvangaste to Kaliningrad What to see in Kaliningrad, one of the ancient cities of Russia. Seeing Kaliningrad is a good opportunity to know about its history and how it came to be what it is today. Visiting Kaliningrad is ideal for you. If you are

Visit the Moscow Kremlin What to see in the Moscow Kremlin, one of the most emblematic places of the capital and of all Russia. Visiting the Moscow Kremlin is ideal to come together during a guided tour. Excursion in the Moscow Kremlin, only with Free Tour Russia, you will visit the best places. The Moscow

Visit the Moscow Arkhangelskoe What to see in the Moscow Arkhangelskoe – one of the main jewels of the nearby suburbs. If you plan to visit the Moscow Arkhangelskoye, you should know that at least once during the summer almost all Muscovites arrive on pilgrimage: a walk through the quiet green streets, enjoy the sun’s

What places to visit in Sochi in summer and winter What places to visit in Sochi during the best times of the year. Seeing Sochi in summer is ideal for those people looking for a bit of warm fun. It is also advisable to visit Sochi in winter to see the city with another interesting

Get to know the Moscow Kremlin What to visit in the Moscow Kremlin, one of the most emblematic places of the capital. Seeing the Moscow Kremlin is necessary if you are visiting the city. How to take an excursion in the Moscow Kremlin; With our tour services in English we guarantee your visit to this

Guided tour of the Hermitage Museum The Hermitage Art Collection, which is exhibited in the halls of the Winter Palace, is amazing and requires a lot of effort to get to know at least its outstanding specimens. Free Tour Russia offer you a guided tour of the Hermitage museum to walk through the exhibits halls

Visit Serednikovo in Russia Visit Serednikovo in Russia, a fascinating place to see works by the architect Mikhail Lermontov. What to see in Serednikovo in Russia here we tell you a little. How to get to Serednikovo in Russia and more with Free Tours Russia you will know it. You do not necessarily have to

Visit the Sochi waterfalls If you like nature, visiting the Sochi waterfalls is ideal for you. Exploring the Sochi waterfalls during your stay in the city is an opportunity to see the majestic nature. Getting to know the Sochi waterfalls is possible with Free Tour Russia. Explore Sochi waterfalls 33 waterfalls is a very famous place

Visit Fedoskino in Russia What to see in Fedoskino in Russia – a small town in the Mitishchi district, Moscow region, but well known beyond the borders of our country. If you are going to visit Fedoskino in Russia, you should know that it has become famous since the 19th century as a center for

What are the best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad? Which are the best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad, in this article we answer you. What bars and restaurants there are in Kaliningrad, many of them actually, but here we will give you recommendations to visit. Going to the bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad is now

Know the Metro 2 Moscow This scouring meter before the sight of all is something more than a mystery; Many people have tried to find it, but with little success. Of the most outstanding attempts is, an expedition in 1989, before the fall of the Soviet Union; when a group of young people proposed to

Visit Talezh in Russia What to see in Talezh in Russia, one of the many towns you can travel during your trip. Visiting Talezh in Russia is ideal for you. Know Talezh in Russia and more places of interest only with Free Tours Russia can do it. What to see in Talezh in Russia Talezh

What to see in Sochi Park Visiting the amusement park in Sochi is ideal for a pleasant time full of fun. If you want to know the amusement park in Sochi contact us for more information. What to see in Sochi Park here we tell you. Sochi is the perfect city to rest. And one

What to see at The Hermitage museum. The cats of the Hermitage What to see in the Hermitage museum, a place of great history and majestic art collections? Yet, there is still something more. The cats of the Hermitage is one more reason to visit the museum. The most famous Hermitage museum in Russia located

Alexander Garden Moscow, what to see there. What to see in Alexander Garden in Moscow, one of the most emblematic places in the city. Alexander Garden, probably, is an ideal place for guided excursions. Free Tours Russia offers you the best excursion services in English. Certainly, Alexander Gardens is an oasis in the center of

How to buy tickets to St. Basil’s Cathedral online without a queue? To buy tickets to the Cathedral of St. Basil without a queue is it possible? Here we show you how. A simple option to pay you ticket to this beautiful complex is tyo do it online. Here the instuction on Free Tours Russia: To

Visit Saransk What to see in Saransk, an old city and the capital of the Republic Mordovia. If you plan to visit Saransk, you should know that it is located on the bank of the Insar River. Saransk appeared in history the first time in the 1641 year as a military fortress. Status of the

Holidays in Russia in May: where to go There are many places to see in Russia, for example visiting Yaroslavl in May, or touring Sochi in May, hiking in the Golden Ring in May and other cities of interest throughout the country. Holidays in Russia in May, if you wish, can turn into an extraordinary

Visit the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino: main information Visit the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino, one of the great museums of Moscow. Getting to know the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino is ideal for a guided tour. Tour the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino only with

Discover the biggest rivers in Russia Visit the largest rivers in Russia, where nature is at its best. Knowing Russia’s Largest Rivers is ideal for you; You will see the most beautiful landscapes of Russia. Excursion in Russia’s Largest Rivers with Free Russia Tours is possible. The Russian Federation is a superpower, the largest state

IATA Code: ROV, ICAO: URRP Official website: The Rostov-on-Don Airport – Platov in Russia is the new airport that was opened on December 7, 2017 in place of the old airport. Built within the program of preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The “Platov” Airport is the first airport in modern Russian history built

Yekaterinburg-Koltsovo Airport Official website: The international airport of Yekaterinburg – Koltsovo, located in the district of the same name. It is located 16 kilometers southeast of the center of the city of Yekaterinburg, so it is ideal for visiting Yekaterinburg. For 15 years (until 2015) the aeropurto was the fifth largest in terms of annual

IATA code: KGD, ICAO: UMKK (Kaliningrad-Jrabrovo airport) Official website: Kaliningrad International Airport “Jrabrovo”. It is located 20 km northeast of the center of the city, it is next to the town that bears the same name. The airport of Federal importance. It is ideal for visiting Kaliningrad. In the summer of 2018 the airport of

IATA Code: GOJ, ICAO: UWGG (Nizhny Novgorod Airport – Strigino) Official website: Nizhny Novgorod Airport – Strigino is the Niznhy Novgorod International Airport. The airport located in the western part of the Avtozavodsky district of Nizhny Novgorod, 18 km south-west of the city center. It is the aerodrome where the base is not only civil

The mascot of the 2018 World Cup in Russia The 2018 FIFA World Championship Mascot is an integral part of the tournament. The World Cup mascot is chosen by the host country, and Russia voted for the wolf (Wolf of FIFA 2018). For the first time, the talisman was introduced in 1966 in England. He

Currency exchange in Russia Anyone who is going to travel abroad, wondered about money and currency exchange, especially, when you are going to Russia. Should you get Rubles from home or perhaps you should use your currency instead? What would be the rate if you change your money in Russia and where? We hope this

Museum of Political History: about politic and not only Is a museum of political history could be worth to visit? What can be interesting about the political history of Russia? Probably, you heard about the Russian Revolution, Stalin’s terror, maybe Khrushchev’s thaw? History of any country gives us a better understanding of human society and

IATA code code: VOG, ICAO: URWW (Volgograd International Airport) Official website: The Volgograd International Airport is located 15 kilometers from the city. It is still known by its old name Gumrak. In 2018 the Volgograd Airport will accept the passengers of the World Cup, for this reason in August 2014, a great reconstruction of the

IATA code: KZN, ICAO: UWKD (Kazan International Airport) Official website: The Kazan International Airport is 25 kilometers from the historic center of the city. It is ideal to visit Kazan. It is the main airport of the Republic of Tatarstan. The airport serves both domestic and international flights. The Kazan airport was completely rebuilt for

Sochi International Airport – Russia Official website: The Sochi International Airport is the main airport of the Southern Federal District of Russia. It is ideal to visit Sochi and enjoy the culture of this city. The airport ranks fifth in Russia in terms of passenger turnover (5.263 million passengers) after the airports of Moscow Sheremetyevo,

What to see in Russia? At your attention several tourist routes of Russia that you can choose for your Russian trip. Read more about places in Russia with unforgettable views. Frolikha River Russia The first place in our top of Russia’s best tourist routes is Lake Bailal. Baikal is the center of the Earth’s power

The international airport of Saint Petersburg Pulkovo IATA code: LED, ICAO: ULLI Official website: Pulkovo International Airport is the only airport in St. Petersburg is the third largest airport in the country. It is located 20 km away from the city center. The airport serves passengers on domestic and international flights. Pulkovo airport is the only gateway

 Vnukovo international airport of Moscow IATA Code: VKO, ICAO: UUWW Official website: Vnukovo airport is one of the four international airports of Moscow. It is located 28 kilometers southwest of Moscow. The airport started operating in 1941 and now it is one of the oldest one in Moscow. However, it was reconstructed several times and now meets all international

Domodedovo international airport of Moscow Code IATA: DME, ICAO: UUDD (Aeroport Domodedovo)  official website: Domodedovo international airport is one of four main hubs of Moscow. It ranks second in passenger capacity. The airport has two terminals: international and domestic. How to get from Domodedovo airport to Moscow The airport is located 45 km away from Moscow. There

Sheremetyevo international airport of Moscow IATA Code: SVO, OACI: UUEE (Aeropuerto de Moscú – Sheremetyevo) Official website: Sheremetyevo airport is one of the biggest hubs of Europe. There three international terminals, one commercial and one cargo. It is located 29 km away from the city center. The airport received its name from the village Sheremetyevo

What are the places to visit in winter Russia? Free Tours Russia helps you to find what suits you best. To visit Russia in winter is pure fun: the outdoor skating rink in the Gorky Park of Moscow or right next to Kremlin, the Christmas markets with traditional Russian souvenirs, the beautiful illuminations, which lasts

In this article we will let you know what is the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia. How to obtain the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia and in turn who can make the invitation letter. In this article we would like to give you the most complete information about the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia. Unfortunately,

Some frequently asked questions are associated with the costs to travel to Russia; there are also other concerns about how to change currencies in Russia or simply where to stay in Russia; therefore, we bring you the following article that will surely help you. They are already on vacation! They have a time to think

Places where Russia is not Russia Visit interesting places in Russia, here we show you something different. Tour places in Russia where the adventure never ends, only with Free Russia Tours. Know some interesting places in Russia and more, you can contact us for more information. Visit interesting places in Russia Sometimes, you’re so eager

Visit Yekaterinburg: 5 things each person must do What to do in Yekaterinburg if you are on vacation in this great place, here we tell you. Visiting Yekaterinburg is ideal for you, come and enjoy. Getting to know Yekaterinburg is easy, thanks to Free Tours Russia who cares about you; has elaborated this article to

Visit the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich, a natural landscape full of beauty. How to get to the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich here we explain. Excursion in the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich with Free tour Russia will know. One of the most beautiful and extraordinary places in the Urals that full of admiration to any photographer.

What to do in the Baikal in winter in Russia Travel to Lake Baikal in winter in Russia, a feasible option to do many activities. What to do in the Baikal in winter in Russia, here we tell you. Touring the Baikal in winter in Russia, is ideal for fun during this time. Lake Baikal

The places to visit in Russia In 2018, Russia for the first time in its history will host the World Cup. The best teams from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania will compete for the World Cup. It is interesting that the Brazilian team, ahead of schedule, secured entry to the

Places to enjoy the New Year in Russia Already the old year is coming to an end and you are looking forward to the upcoming holidays, Russia invites you to plan vacations in many of the places it will offer you. Here are the interesting places to celebrate New Year 2018 in Russia.

Visit the most beautiful beaches of Russia It is already possible to visit the most beautiful beaches in Russia now. That’s why we have prepared the following article. Here we will tell you a lot about the beaches to visit in Russia. If you are planning to visit the most beautiful beaches of Russia, we

On many occasions, when we want to take a trip, we do not take into account some advice or knowledge to enjoy a great adventure, for this reason, in this article, we want to give you a little insight regarding this topic, so we will talk a little ofabout the tour packages, how to define

Tourist season in Russia Many people, when they are planning to travel to Russia, are always asking themselves: what is the best season of the year to go on vacation? In our opinion, it depends a lot on the climate factor of each region. For example, each person is able to decide whether to go

Cultural customs that are necessary to know before traveling to Russia When we propose a trip to a city we ask some general questions. Questions, which surely will make the journey more bearable. Such questions, like: What type of tip should I leave? What are the typical greetings? Or what are the cultural customs to follow?

Few tourists know about the resort in Anapa, this is the city of military glory. In memory of the Anapchans, who showed courage and heroism in the 20th and 21st centuries, here is the Memory Square with the Glory Alley located at the intersection of Avenue of the Revolution and Tiraspolsky Alley. The first memorial

The eastern point of the demarcation line between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov falls on a treeless shore, with a chain of stones departs. Perhaps due to its shape, which resembles a church with an image of the God’s Mother, the corporal was called Panagia, that is, “all the saints.” But there

A visa to go to the Russia 2018 Fifa World Cup. Do you need it? The first thing you you have to know when traveling to Russia is that this is a country with some requirements for entry. These requirements relate to the need to have a visa. Especially we would like to mention a

Anapa Museum of Local History. What do you have to know about it? To begin with, the Anapa Museum of Local History is located near the central embankment, just a few hundred meters from the famous Anapa lighthouse. Despite its proximity to the sea, the small building of the old Shtetnev gymnasium is quite quiet.

A beautiful Castle “Lion’s Head” From a quiet town of Sukko, where families with small children like to rest, you can see a castle, but not a medieval castle. It was recently erected by a group of twins for the performances of the horse show “Knight’s Tournament”. It is the Castle “Lion’s Head”. The first performance took

Bugazskaya Spit in Anapa The most wild, windy place in the vicinity of Anapa is the Bugazskaya Spit. It is the mecca for kiters, surfers and all fans of secluded beaches. It’s length is up to 12 km along the mouth of the Bugaz and the Black Sea, a place under the sun, which will

The Anapa Archaeological Museum Anapa is a small city on the south of Russia, people know it today as a children’s resort, with soft sandy beaches and therapeutic mud springs. But once it was a huge and prosperous metropolis, but the land was devastated by cruel war for centuries. The Anapa Archaeological Museum “Gorgippia” is

Anapa is a favorite for many Russians among coastal cities, which has a lot of beaches, green parks and cafes. Of course, the most important advantage is the Black Sea. However, sometimes one wants to relax in the sea, and the level of the beach is felt. The recipe is simple: a sufficient number of

The embankment of any tourist city is its calling card, clear evidence of its beauty, habitability, and state. Anapa has a surprise not only to the many guests, but also to its competitors. In 2002, the old pier was completely remodeled. Now, I do not dare to call it simply the waterfront, as it is

It is hard to disagree with the fact that in one of the most romantic and beautiful coastal cities there will be, of course, besides the sea and the coast, some elegant lighthouse towers. In addition to the aesthetic component, the lighthouse, of course, still has a sacred and metaphysical meaning, which acts as a

Located next to the famous Golden Gate of Vladimir is the Museum “Old Vladimir”, is a unique phenomenon. It is not even in its exhibitions, among which, by the way, its rarity is something special, and that it is the first Russian museum that was opened in the building of the water tower. This place

In 2007, in the “difficult times” for the Samara club “Wings of the Soviets”, football fans joined together to create the first country’s Football Museum in Samara, which became a meeting place for sports enthusiasts and the education of the masses. It was opened jointly with the presentation of veterans and football fans, with the

The bodyguard is a room of modest size, but very significant. Translated from the French language, its name is literally like “The Housing of Protection”, that is to say, the space for the guards and vigilantes. This special type of enrichment is usually in the vanguard and served to verify the entry of the abandonment

The Desyatinny Monastery was once considered the most beautiful in Novgorod, and this certification is worth a lot, because churches and monasteries abound in the city. Unfortunately, the fate of the monastery was not easy, nowadays it does not work, its main church is the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, which is in ruins. However,

The Moscow Train Station is one of the largest train stations in St. Petersburg, which entered into the three busiest railway stations in Russia in St. Petersburg for more than 160 years of operation, which became a comfortable and modern complex, with daily use of 15,000 passengers with long-distance trains of up to 30,000 passengers.

Yelagin Palace is an imperial summer residence, built in 1822 for the widow of Paul I, Maria Feodorovna during the reign of Alexander I. It got its name from its first owner. And kept it despite the change of owners. Architect Karl Rossi was the main architect of this project. This was his first big work

The monastery was founded at the very end of the XVII century. by the monks Sergius and Timofey, who retired to the island of Lake Vyatsk and placed there a wooden chapel and a wooden cell. The solitude, according to the legend, did not last long. A rumor went around and people who wanted to become

The Stoletovs Brothers’ House Museum is part of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve. It was opened on 28 May 1976 in the old 19th century wing, which is located next to a large two-storey mansion in Stoletovs, on the wooden embankments. Today, this small wooden house has become a real jewel of Vladimir, reminding residents and visitors

The Houseboat is one of the most unique buildings in the city of Ivanovo . Its construction was carried out by the architect D. F. Friedman from Moscow, and finished in 1930. The structure became a brilliant example of the architectural direction of fashion at that time, constructivism with the characteristics of romanticism and symbolism.

The St. Petersburg Dolphinarium opened in 1998. It is a subsidiary of the Utrish dolphinarium, which is based in the village, in the Black Sea in 1984, on the basis of the marine research station as it was involved in the representation of bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, seals, sea lions and walruses. During his acts,

The palace embankment can be called one of the most beautiful and famous piers in St. Petersburg . There are many places here, famous all over the world for the attractions of the Northern capitals: the Hermitage, the Winter Palace, Russian Museum, the Chamber of Scientists, and many others. This street offers a great view

The largest of the monasteries and its surroundings in Vladimir, the monastery of St. Bogolyubovo, which, witnesses more than 8 centuries of Russian history in which events have played an important role on several occasions. The uniqueness of the monastery is the civil buildings: here the 12th century was the residence of the prince Andreya

The Sheremetev Palace is the Music Museum, also called the “Fountain House”, the place of its location is in the former manor of Sheremetev “Fountain House”. It has a plot of land on the river Fontanka (Erik Sin Nombre), which, was granted by Peter I to Count Sheremetev in 1712. The stone palace consists of

Visit Botanical Garden of Saint Petersburg St. Petersburg’s Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens of Russia. When you plan your travel to Saint Petersburg, take some time to visit it and you won’t be disappointed. You can combine your visit with our guided tours of Free Tour Russia Saint Petersburg. Click here for more

The temples in Murom are worth visiting, so the Church of St. Cosmos and Damian (Church of Kosmodemyanskaya). According to the legend, it was built on the place where the shop of Ivan the Terrible was located from 10 to 20 July 1552, on his way to Kazan. The king promised to erect the churches

Alexander’s Sloboda was a complex and unique medieval palace. It was created by Italian and Russian masters and contemporaries in the beauty and richness of the Moscow Kremlin. The oldest building that survives to this day and the only thing that has come down from the time of Vasily III is the small and very

The epic city of Murom is located on a high bank in Oka. Dozens of monasteries and churches are located on the wide, flooded plain, and at night, the weak bells ring in the neighborhood. The Holy Monastery of the Resurrection is located on the northern outskirts of the city, on a bend in the

It happened that the Nativity Cathedral, not far from Alexander’s liquidation, does not belong to the highest building or architectural masterpieces. However, Alexandrov’s scale is quite remarkable. The Diocese of Vladimir and Suzdal, in charge of the cathedral, is covered with a golden onion dome. On the dome, the sun is visible from many parts

The monastery was founded in 1690 by the bishop of that time, St. Pitirim of Tambov. It is considered one of the most beautiful mansions in the diocese of Tambov. The Monastery is located on the northern outskirts of the city, at the mouth of the Alexander Hawrushka Studentsov River, and its first abbess was

The Convent of Vedensky is situated on an island in the middle of the Vvedenskiy Lake, 4 km from the veil. It can be reached by one of the two bridges, launched from the coast, and in winter on the ice. Most of the monasteries on the island are surrounded by a canopy of huge

The largest of the monasteries and its surroundings in Vladimir, is the monastery of St. Bogolyubovo, witness to more than 8 centuries of Russian history in which events have played an important role on several occasions. The uniqueness of the monastery is reflected in its civil buildings: here in the 12th century it was the

At Aleksandr’s entrance to the Kremlin, you can immediately see the Bell Tower of the Church of the Crucifixion. Its interior and exterior inspection is included in the tour of the medieval royal residence and the Assumption convent, however, it has a view of Aleksandrov’s observation tower which is partially obscured by tall trees. According

Situated on a high and steep bank of the Kremlin on Voevodovoy Mountain, the Oka Species Garden is seen to be such that even the seven hills of Moscow would be jealous. Once there, you can see a circle for dances in worship of the pagan gods of the ancient inhabitants of Murom, where this

This cable-stayed bridge was built in 2009 and has since become a prominent tourist attraction, i.e. one of the most outstanding. The bridge is crossed by the road over Moore and the connection to Vladimir’s Arzamas. It is 1.4 km long and 15 m wide and sits on three main pieces that it crosses on

If you ever want to leave the modern apartment in the city and immerse yourself in the unhurried atmosphere of an early 20th century provincial house, then the most appropriate route leads to the city of Alexandrov at the Marina and Anastasii Tsvietáieva Literary Museum. Here, between 1915 and 1917, Marina Tsvetaeva often stayed with

Aleksandrovski is a monastery founded by the order of Aleksandra Nevskogo in 1240, shortly before their campaign against the Germans. Even the building at that time was not maintained, the monastery was burned by the Poles in 1608 to 1610. The main church of the Ascension was built in 1695 as Peter I, with the

Visit the Church of Intercession of the Nerl Visit the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, a religious place full of history. Visit the Church of Intercession on the Nerl, you can do it with Free Tour Russia, ideal for you. Explore the Church of Intercession on the Nerl, it’s great, come now. Discover

To familiarize yourself with the ancient city of Suzdal, it is best to start with a tour in the Kremlin, which is very well preserved as are its buildings. Here is why; Suzdal Kremlin is the oldest building in the city, and has incorporated all of Vladimir Monomakh’s history. According to archaeologists, the Suzdal Kremlin

Great players are always great. Many players have retired from competitive football at a certain age, change their tune and leave competitive teams or leagues to play in the minor leagues. Some players decide to go and play for their hometown team or simply play for lower division teams. Others, however, decide to go and

St. George’s Cathedral is the main attraction of Gus-Khrustalny. It is a 20th century Orthodox church in Vladimir’s area of influence for which it is famous throughout the Russian Empire. The fact is that today St. George’s Cathedral is a symbol of the city known as the Crystal Museum in Maltsov, which is a large

When it comes to a historic city centre, most people think of old houses strung out in narrow streets. There’s some truth to these thoughts. However, the heart of any city is considered to be its central area. It is here, in an open space, that important matters of public life can be resolved, where

The temple was built at the beginning of the 12th and 13th centuries, and its construction was carried out by Russian masters who placed special emphasis on chronicles. Forty years after the construction of the Cathedral of St. Demetrius of Vladimir, it was destroyed and looted by the Tartars, and after that it survived several

The Glass and Lacquer Miniature Museum of Maca in Vladimir takes on the breathtaking beauty of the old Church believers’ Trinity building. The exhibition, originally designed to combine displays of traditional arts and crafts, was presented to the public in 1974. The Trinity Church was built in only one year, before the revolution and carried

The fame of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve has spread far beyond the city, region or even the country. Its exhibition is absolutely brilliant and informative, and this is thanks to Vladimir. It is a centre for national and international tourism. It is not by chance, since it is not only one of the first museums or

There are many places to visit when travelling in Russia. There are countless tour offers in Moscow including: historical tours, visiting Red Square, the Kremlin and other buildings of relevance to Russian and world history. Visits to museums of all kinds: cosmonautics, military, Soviet Union, etc. And other religious tours, knowing the different and beautiful

Russia is a highly developed country in all aspects of art. Throughout its history, it has produced great artists: dancers, conductors, opera singers, etc. Names that transcended borders and will always remain in the memory of lovers of these genres. As for dance, great works of ballet have been born in Russia throughout history. The

To taste the wine you have to do the following: fill a glass with fine glass, bring it closer to the light, admiring the colour, and then suck the bouquet. And only after that, taste it with small sips. Crimean wine cannot be drunk like water, you have to enjoy every sip. Whoever learns this

Tours y excursiones en Moscú a Bajo coste- Tours y excursiones en San Petersburgo economicos- Tours y excursiones en Kazan free- Tours y excursiones a Rusia todo incluido- Tours y excursiones en Moscú-

Each country has its own characteristic places, those that cannot be missed. These places, which have become the trademark of the cities, often have a rich and interesting history that is not always known in depth by the tourist. When you are on a trip around Russia, one of the tours in Moscow that you

One of the most famous and representative buildings of the City of Moscow that you will surely visit during your trip to Russia is the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin on the Mound or the Mantle, better known to all as St. Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral has an imposing beauty on the outside,

It is inevitable to associate Russia with vodka, but it is the only traditional drink? What other traditions around the drink exist? Vodka is considered to be a drink obtained from the distillation of rye or wheat, and with a lot of graduation (from 96 to 98 degrees) and domestic or bottled water. There are

If you are a nature lover and a fervent defender of animal species, south of the Krai of Krasnoyarsk there is a really special place for you. It is the Sayano-Shushenski Nature Reserve, a reserve created especially to preserve the life of the snow leopard, one of the rarest species of cats in the world.

Moving 47 kilometers to the south of Irkutsk we will find the city of Angará, which in addition to its beauty and natural landscapes, stands out for a citadel built entirely in wood by the Mongolians, called Taltsy. In this citadel there are no inhabitants, however it has been reconstructed and opened to the public

Lake Valaam has the particularity of being extremely large in size, in fact it is the largest lake on the entire European continent. If we add to this the fact that it is settled on a rocky base, just like the islands above it, we get the right conditions for a rather strange and curious

About 600 kilometers south of Moscow is the town of Kostomarovo. A desert landscape, with hills of very little vegetation that look amazingly similar to those of the Middle East has earned it the nickname “Russian Palestine”. Here is a well-known cave, famous throughout the country, the Cave of Penitence. In this curious cave, the

Travelling approximately 110 kilometres south of the Perm Krai, or about 270 kilometres east of Ekaterinburg, we will come across Mount Kazakovskaya, which is about 50 metres high. On its summit is the entrance to the Ordinskaya cave. It has the title of the largest plaster cave on the planet and is among the 20

Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation and the country’s largest city. It was founded in 1147. The population of Moscow in 2015 equals 12,197,596 people. It is not only the most populous city in Russia, but also in all of Europe. In addition, Moscow is one of the 10 most densely populated cities in

Some myths about Russia   Living far from a country, it is common that our knowledge about it is conditioned by the ways we approach it: movies, books, comments from someone who has traveled. Sometimes something that originates as true, goes through so many mediations before reaching us that it arrives deformed or exaggerated. The

St. Petersburg is a city of federal importance in the Russian Federation, the administrative center of the Northwest Federal District. It is located in the northwest of the Russian Federation at the mouth of the Neva River and the coast of the Gulf of Finland. May 16, 1703 Peter I founded the city. From 1712

Located at the foot of the Crimean mountains, near the town of Alupka, stands the imposing and whimsical Vorontsov Palace, a historic building that is two centuries old. Built under the command and orders of Prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, this ostentatious palace was intended to be used as a simple summer house. Its construction began

More and more tourists travel hoping to find destinations that move away from the classic vacation spots and go for the most modern and avant-garde side possible. From those who are looking for a good nightlife atmosphere to those who are lovers of fine arts and the latest trends. And if you feel more identified

If we are located at one of the furthest points from the centre of Russia, we will reach the Karelian region, and if we move specifically to the Leningrad Oblast, at the most perimeter possible, we will reach Viborg. This is a border city that separates Russia from Scandinavia and is therefore an important point

For Westerners, the easternmost part of the planet has always been a source of intrigue and fascination. The enormous cultural gaps that divide us from the Asian continent have become much more marked lately and any custom, tradition or cultural element from those distant lands seems so exotic that it arouses feelings of admiration and

The Kamchatka peninsula is an area with tremendous ecological potential, a place where you can find a large number of volcanoes concentrated in a single region. In Kamchatka you can find one of the most important nature reserves in Russia, the Kronotski reserve that has been declared a protected area as a measure of the

“Luzhniki” Location: Moscow Year of construction: 2017 (under construction) Price of construction: 1 bn. $ Capacity: 89,318 spectators Home team: Russian team Arena “Luzhniki” is considered to be the main stadium in Moscow. The most important sporting events will be held here. FIFA World Cup to be held in 2018, will not be an exception.

Many already know the place where the World Cup will take place but they only know what they see on the web and on television, but this destination has many places that offer the visitor a different way of appreciating Russia, destinations that you will take away from them. maximum benefit if you let us

  FIFA and the Russian Organizing Committee 2018 agreed on the official names of the stadiums, where the world championship matches will take place. The names of the eight stadiums match the names of the cities where they are located. Four other names will be related to local cultural or soccer aspects. Luzhnikí owes its

Kaliningrad, one of the oldest cities in Russia. In 1255 it was founded as the castle of a knight “Konigsberg”. For several centuries it was part of Prussia, and was one of the cultural, economic and scientific centers of the Kingdom. After joining the Soviet Union in 1946, it was decided to change the name

“Zenit-Arena” Location: Saint Petersburg Year of construction: 2017 (Under construction) Construction price: 44 billion rubles. Capacity: 69,501 spectators Home team: Zenith “Zenit-Arena” football stadium located in the city of St. Petersburg, on the site of the stadium that bore the name of SM Kirov. It is said that the name is not yet official, at

Sochi is one of the most famous tourist cities of Russia, and is loved, not only by local residents and residents of other Russian cities, but also many foreigners. The city was founded in 1838 years. The city has a very old history, and this is confirmed by all the archaeological finds. Taking into account

“Fischt” Location: Sochi Year of construction: 2014 Construction price: 778 700 000 $ Capacity: 46,759 spectators Home team: Жемчужина “Pearl” Fischt Stadium is located in a scenic spot of the Adler Olympic Park. From the stands of spectators of the stadium you can enjoy stunning views of the sea and the mountains. The stadium was

Yekaterinburg (formerly called Sverdlovsk) is considered the capital of the Urals. For a long time it served as a starting point in the Urals circle, and still deserves direct attention to its cultural heritage and its historical sites. An interesting fact is that initially in the place that is Yekaterinburg had to create the base

“Kazan Arena”, along with eleven more stadiums that will be for the next FIFA World Cup in Russia. For this event a great construction was planned, the sports center, located in the northeast of the capital of Tatarstan. The first stone of the future architectural structure was placed in 2010, by the current president of

Rostov-on-Don is an important southern city of Russia. It should be noted that it is not only one of the largest cities in Russia, but also has the thirtieth place in Europe in the population ranking. Today the population is around 1,114,806 people. In 2008 it was recognized as a city of military glory. The

“Левбердон” Location: Rostov-on-Don Year of construction: 2017 (under construction) Price of construction: 15 mln. Rubles Capacity: 45,005 spectators Home team: Rostov Rostov-on-Don was one of the Russian cities that will host matches of the 2018 World Cup. Although the Rostov-on-Don stadium originally had problems with the building, however the Rostov stadium for the World Cup

City of the Volga, known as Gorky. History has its beginning from the 13th century, thanks to the efforts of Prince Vladimir. In the 16th century defensive wall was built, the Kremlin, which has become overgrown settlements, and extended the boundaries of the city. It is not the last role played by Russia in the

“Стрелка” Location: Nizhny Novgorod Year of construction: 2017 (in construction) Construction price: Not published Capacity: 44,899 spectators Home team: Volga “Стрелка” “Arrow” Arena in Nizhny Novgorod built specifically for the World Cup, which Russia expects to be held in 2018. In principle it was planned to place the stadium in the village of Olgino or

The “Central” stadium Location: Yekaterinburg Year of construction: 2017 (in construction) Construction price: 8 billion rubles. Capacity: 35,000 spectators Local team: Ural Among other sports facilities, which will take place the matches of the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, will be activated and the main football stadium in Yekaterinburg – the stadium

“Baltic Arena” Location: Kaliningrad Year of construction: 2017 (under construction) Construction price: 11 billion rubles. Capacity: 45,015 spectators Home team: Baltika Stadium «Балтика Арена» or «Baltic Arena» will be built from scratch specifically for the 2018 World Cup. The stadium in Kaliningrad for the World Cup in 2018 from the start has undergone significant changes.

The city of Volgograd, was founded in 1589, with 1,017,451 people. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Russian Federation and is known as a hero city, since this is where the Battle of Stalingrad took place. This city in the second half of the 19th century was one of the largest industrial

“Победа” or “Victoria” Location: Volgograd Year of construction: 2017 (under construction) Construction price: 10 billion rubles. Capacity: 45,015 spectators Local team: Rotor Volgograd Stadium for the 2018 World Cup is being built on the site of the former stadium that was once formidable and the largest of the Russian club FC “Rotor”. The sports facility

Samara is one of the largest cities in Russia, it is the center of the Samara region. The total population of 2.5 million people, which makes it a place of weight, Samara is seventh in the ranking of Russian cities. The city is a large economic, industrial and cultural center of the whole near the

Stadium “Юбилейный” or “Anniversary” Location: Saransk Year of construction: 2015 Construction price: 180 million $ Capacity: 45,015 spectators Home team: Mordovia Saransk is the smallest city in which the World Cup will be held in 2018. The capital of Mordovia will have 4 matches of the group stage of the 2018 World Cup. The matches

“Samara-Arena” Location: Samara Year of construction: 2017 (under construction) Construction price: 369 million. $ Capacity: 44,918 spectators Home team: Krylya Sovetov Cosmos Arena Arena in the Samara region is one of the twelve playgrounds, on the green lawn that will host the main football event every four years in 2018. It is ultra-modern sports complex,