2018 FIFA World Cup Tour Packages

Our team will offer tour packages to the world Russia for football fans who will arrive at the World Cup in 2018. This tour will allow fans to know the history of sports and sights of Russia, to become familiar with cultural traditions and culinary cities. In this article we present you with 2018 FIFA World Cup Tour Packages. Enjoy the trip during the 2018 FIFA World Cup with us!

The “Tourist Routes will be formed in the cities that host the championship, by choosing them, they will be focused on the main attractions of the city.

Recall that the games of the 2018 World Cup will be held from June 14 to July 15 in 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia. In the regions, they will tell how they are preparing to meet, entertain and treat football fans.

At present we already have the World Cup groups defined, so you can choose the initial matches of your preference as well as the city you will visit:



Tour packages to the World Cup Russia:

Tourist package to Moscow  It is the only one of all Russian cities that accepts matches in two stadiums: Luzhniki and Spartak. The capital offers visitors a view of the city from the ground (up to the metro), with the help of a tourist bus tour, through binoculars on an observation platform and water from the boat. Simultaneously during the championship will be organized a free daily tour of the city in Spanish.

In addition, Moscow is positioned as a center of transport and tourism, where tourists can travel by bus to the tour of the “Golden Ring”, and on the water in St. Petersburg and the cities of the Volga region.

The participants of the program will have a fascinating excursion around the “Russian Manhattan”.

Did you know that in New York, in Manhattan, you can visit the magnificent Museum of skyscrapers? We also have something to tell our numerous and curious audience. At the same time, we can demonstrate not only the futuristic architecture and the dizzying views of Moscow, but also the interiors, the interior filling of the skyscrapers, an underground gallery and other wonders of the capital.

Tour package to St. Petersburg is the capital of the North, in addition to visits to the most popular places, offers fans a tour through the city.

During this program, we will not only go for a walk through the famous “Golden Triangle”, but we will see St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace, the first monument to Nicholas, the Senate Square and the bronze monument of the rider. We will also visit the Kazan Cathedral, admire the refined architecture of the Alexandrinsky Theater and the monument to Catherine the Great.

In this tour you can observe and learn the history of many architectural and historical monuments.

Tour package to Volgograd

It is known throughout the world as the site of the greatest battle in the history of mankind. Today they come to visit places of battles, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of those fateful days and remember the fallen. But it was not always like this. The history of our city has a total of almost 430 years, and in the course of this excursion we will talk about what happened between 1589 and 1941. We will discuss the history not only of Tsaritsyn, but also of other cities in the Lower Volga region and the history of Russia as a whole during this period.

The main highlight of the tour is the miraculously surviving war architecture of the prewar Tsaritsyn / Stalingrad. Small brick houses of merchants and artisans hid among the masses of “steel” and glass of new shopping centers.

Tour package to  Yekaterimburg

a walk from the historic center. Car ride through the city with a visit to the Europe-Asia border, and the Ganin Yama monastery.

We will tell you the history of the origin of our city, we will show the most beautiful buildings. We will visit the places related to the stay of the family of the last Russian emperor. We will inform you about the legacy of the activities of the first Russian president in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg).


Tour package to  Tatarstán and Kazan

they will focus on sports fans. It will have a specially developed route for this occasion. Here, the equestrian sports complex, is the Kazan Arena stadium and the Tatspirtprom shop.

An excursion in Kazan through the main pedestrian street “Bauman” of the city. During the tour you will visit the photo gallery of the famous artist K. Vasiliev, the Church of the Epiphany, you will see interesting buildings of the XVIII and XX centuries, the Dramatic Theater of Russia, the high bell tower of the XIX century, where you can climb and admire the views of Kazan. You can also walk on St. Petersburg Street, which is a continuation of Bauman Street.

Look at the Kazan State University (the third oldest university in Russia, founded in 1804). You will visit the Church of the Sacred Exaltation, where the icon of the Mother of God of Kazan is located; Lake Kaban with its secrets and legends; Tatar Drama Theater, Millenium Park, a 1000-year-old gift from Kazan, the Old Believer church, the Catholic church, the “Native Village” complex – wooden buildings in the style of the Tartar village.

Tour package to  Saransk

as a whole it is positioned as the most comfortable, safe and ecological city, but also as representative of the 20 most important cities in Russia with the lowest prices for hotels.

Not long ago, nobody saw the meaning of tourists for Saransk. But today it is a beautiful and green regional center, which has been actively developing and becoming more beautiful in recent years. One of the reasons was, curiously, football: until 2012, Saransk was a candidate for the World Cup in 2018. This gave a powerful boost to the development of the city: there was a sports infrastructure, old buildings and restored monuments, inadequate for what was demolished, to build something new in its place. We must say that, in terms of sport, the city was never left behind. Now there are also quite “highly cultivated” and leisure institutions. The modern Saransk building often integrates elements of the national style, which looks very good.

Tour package to  Sochi,

sports tourists will be mainly interested in the legacy of the 2014 Olympic Games such as the Ice Arena of Bolshoi, the Adler Arena Speed ​​Skating Center, the Ice Cube Curling Center, and the Fish Stadium. The services of tourists include the ethnographic complex “My Russia”, the amusement park “Sochi”, the helicopter rides and the yacht rental.

Our tour begins at 9:00. From the center of Sochi we will go to the village of Krasnaya Polyana, where we will familiarize ourselves with beekeepers and taste unique varieties of honey.

In addition, we will have free time to walk through the Rosa Khutor complex. Everyone can climb the cable car to the mountains, enjoy incredible views and take great pictures at an altitude of 2200 meters.

After intense contact with the mountainous part of Sochi, we are expecting a delicious dinner in a familiar coffee, and then again in the road, the Olympic Park!

From here, we move on foot and in fun cars, electric cars, which take us to the Plaza Medal. It was here that the winners of the Olympic Games were awarded, and soon the park is preparing to welcome football fans. Be sure to take a picture on the wall of champions and to be inspired by the spirit of sports victories!

The Excursion ends around 5 pm in the center of Sochi. We are sure that bright impressions and pleasant memories will remain with you for a long time!

Tour package  to the  Samara region

is based on everything related to its geographical location: excursions on the “Great Volga”, “Grand Tea Route”, “Red Route”, “Silk Road” and cruises on the Volga.

We can take a walk around the city and visit local places of interest. For example, the longest embankment in Russia, consisting of four well-groomed tails. Where you can take pictures in the background of the fountains, flower beds, in general, to fill a standard album that should be in each “Classmates” amateur social network “VKontakte”.

The center of the city is interesting, with merchant stone buildings from the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and numerous “modern” style buildings.

Tourist package to Kaliningrad recalls its past: “Castles and Forts of East Prussia”, “Kenigsgrade or Kalininberg”, “After the First World War”.

A detailed tour presents you the history of Kaliningrad.

You will be fascinated by the historic buildings and the view of the prewar cathedral, you will stroll through the Honey Bridge and the island of Kant. You can catch yourself in the context of the restored “fish village” and learn a lot about the old city.

The Walk is short in duration, but very memorable.

Tourist package to The Rostov region offers fans, in addition to the capital of the region with its masterpieces of architecture, the largest market in southern Russia and parks for lovers, to go to neighboring Azov and the delta del Don. You can also see the Plaza del Teatro, which will become an amateur area during the championship.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to travel, you can go on our excursion route, which will pass along the Bogatyanovskiy slope and the territory of the Don River embankment and will end near the sculpture “Don-Batiushka”.

Walking through the cozy alley, in one of the most beautiful and romantic places of the city, you will learn the history of its creation and development, the special in our embankment and what exactly attracts the inhabitants of that generation. Memorable places on the embankment will allow you to “see” the full history of Rostov-on-Don from the banks of the Don, as well as get acquainted with the biography of famous people who have made the Don region famous.

Tourist package to Nizhny Novgorod, is the place of the confluence of Oka and the Volga, the main historical streets, the modern point of reference of the city: the cable car that crosses the Volga. So to know Nizhny Novgorod it’s worth starting with this tour.

You will learn the history of the Kremlin, a magnificent 16th century building. Walk on the embankment of the Volga, built by the decree of Nicholas I. See the white stone chambers of the times of ancient Russian architecture, ancient churches, designed by great Western and Russian architects. In our story there are many interesting anecdotes about famous people who were born or were in Nizhny.

You will find out why Pushkin was confused with an inspector, how Gorki helped the vagabonds and what a surprise Alexandre Dumas expected to visit the governor of Nizhny Novgorod.

The tour bus or pedestrian, have duration of 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the program, which can be adjusted according to your desire.

Having said that, we will actively promote several routes that include these cities, but go beyond their limits.

In any major sporting event, we can see three opportunities, first, the new sports infrastructure is a sign of quality. Second, the championship will be an information reason for tourists. In the 2018 World Cup different people will come. Some of them are only interested in football, others will use it as an excuse to see the country, a place to go. To them we say: “Come to Russia before the championship, during and after”. Now is a good time to visit our country.

  1. Costs of travel from Latin America to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia (2018 FIFA World Cup Tour Packages)?

In a few months, the teams that qualified for this great tournament will face each other in the biggest sport in the world, so we give you information about how much it costs to travel to the World Cup in Russia, the best promotions in 2018, how to go to the Russia 2018 World Cup and travel from your country to Russia to enjoy this monumental event that takes place every 4 years around the world.

The sales of the cheapest tickets are presented in the following table for those who want to buy the tickets:

Phase 1
Eight finals
Quarter finalsSemi finalsFinal
105 $115 $175 $285 $455 $

Compared to the last world, Latin America had the vicinity of Brazil so the number of fans who attended was massive, now they wonder how to get to Russia.

  • Cost traveling from Argentina to Russia 2018 World Cup: 

We recommend those flights that have 1, 2 or more scales, which have a cost between 2176 to 4787 dollars approximately, nevertheless, in the despegar.com page they offer a flight from Rosario to Moscow to 1641 dollars. The best way to know how to travel to the Russia 2018 World Cup from Argentina.

Available airlines:

If you want to save some money in your pocket, one of the cheapest airlines are “Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeroflot and Alitalia, which are associated or combined to make round trips.

Financial profit:

In this case, it is a good opportunity since the cost of being in Russia is more profitable in the variables that are feasible for a trip (consumer price, restaurants and food), adding that the Argentine peso currently has a higher denomination than the ruble. Russian, so it’s a very positive factor.

Cost of living between Buenos Aires and Moscow

Source: www.numbeo.com

Equivalence between currencies

Source: www.oanda.com

  • Cost traveling from Colombia to Russia 2018 World Cup:

The prices of flight taking reference between Bogota and Moscow for the dates of the world-wide one, will have a cost of 1814 to 3381 dollars, this taking into account that it would arrive and it would go right in the maximum dates of the match. The best way to travel to the Russia 2018 World Cup from Colombia.

Available airlines:

Always keep in mind that not always the cheapest airlines are the best, therefore, it is very important to review them and see what are their best and worst attributes. LATAM Airlines Group, Iberia and S7 Airlines are the most used and recommended lines to reach Russia.

Financial profit:

Compared to Russia, the cost of living in Colombia is cheaper, and the currency (Colombian peso) is below the Russian ruble, so it is convenient to keep your expenses well organized.

Cost of living between Bogotá and Moscow

Source: www.numbeo.com

Equivalence between currencies

Source: www.oanda.com

Cost traveling from Mexico to the World Cup Russia 2018:

The best way to travel to Russia 2018 World Cup from Mexico, the most practical and popular destination is Moscow, for flights of 1 scale would cost from $ 3418, and flights of 2 or more scales from $ 1354, so it is advisable if you want to lighten your pocket, try to economize using flights of several scales.

Available airlines:

In Mexico there are several airlines that you can use to get to Russia, among the best and moderately economic, are Aeromexico, Interjet and Volaris.

Financial profit:

The Mexican peso is above the Russian ruble, this is a good opportunity to make currency changes, although the cost of living is lower than Russia, it is an important factor because it will help you keep your expenses balanced.

Cost of living between Mexico City and Moscow

Source: www.numbeo.com

Equivalence between currencies

Source: www.oanda.com

  • Cost traveling from Uruguay to the World Cup 2018

In this case, a plane ticket from Montevideo to Moscow for example has an average of $ 2900 (from 2468 to 4973). The best way to travel to the World Cup Russia 2018 from Uruguay according to despegar.com the most frequent route with stopover would be in Madrid. However, Skyscanner offers routes of 1 scale and from 2969 pesos.

Available airlines:

In this case are Iberia, S7 Airlines, British Airways, which are well known for their extensive service and good travel time.

Financial profit:

In Uruguay the index of difference with respect to Russia is greater, so at the same time compared to the change of the currency where the Uruguayan peso is greater than the ruble, it is very beneficial for citizens who plan to travel to Russia.

Cost of living between Montevideo and Moscow

Source: www.numbeo.com

Equivalence between currencies

Source: www.oanda.com

  • Cost traveling from Peru to Russia World Cup 2018

Currently, the best way to know how to travel to the world Russia 2018 from Peru is a round trip between Lima and Moscow has a cost between 1758 to 4062 dollars, of course, this affects the line you use and also the number of scales.

Available airlines:

The airlines that can provide a good service and a relatively moderate cost are the Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for the round trip respectively.

Financial profit:

Observing well that the cost of living of Peru is lower in almost all aspects, the currency (sol) to the change to ruble, has a greater denomination, additionally the difference between both is moderately considerable with respect to the rest of the countries already mentioned.

Cost of living between Lima and Moscow

Source: www.numbeo.com

Equivalence between currencies


Source: www.oanda.com

  • Cost traveling from Ecuador to Russia 2018 World Cup:

Air travel to Russia is not a direct route, so you should make a stopover in either New York or Madrid, however, if you plan to do more than 1, remember that it could involve other combinations, for example in Panama, Amsterdam or Frankfurt from 1770 dollars. The best way to travel to the world cup Russia 2018 from Ecuador.

Available airlines:

Among the most prominent lines for this trip, are Avianca, Aeroflot, AIrfrance and KLM.

Rentabilidad financiera:

Taking into account that the value of life is lower than in Russia, an important aspect in this case is that Ecuador uses the dollar as national currency since the year 2000, and it has a better denomination than the Russian ruble, so that the change is very positive for any visitor from that country.

Cost of living between Quito and Moscow

Source: www.numbeo.com 

Equivalence between currencies

Source: www.oanda.com

  1. FIFA-approved hotels for the 2018 World Cup (2018 FIFA World Cup Tour Packages:

In total, the list has 173 hotels, of which 27 are five-star hotels.

In the first place in the number of hotels recommended by FIFA, between Moscow and Moscow region there are 74 hotels, followed by St. Petersburg with 25, in the third Ekaterinburg with 20, in fourth Kazan with 11 and in fifth Sochi with 10.

In Rostov-on-Don (together with the Rostov region), 9 hotels were selected, in Samara 6, in Saransk 5, in Kaliningrad 4, in Nizhny Novgorod 3, in Volgograd 2. and in Anapa, Pyatigorsk and Ufa, one each. .

Within which we will give you the best within 5 for each city since it is quite extensive, however, you can book a room in any of the hotels through http://hotels.fifa.com/hotels.The service is available in several languages.

  • Moscow and Moscow Region:
  1. Moscú Marriott Royal Aurora
  2. Baltschug Kempinski Moscow Hotel
  3. Cuatro Estaciones Hotel Moscú
  4. Aeropolis Hotel
  5. Hotel Aerostar

  • Sankt-Petersburg:
  1. Kempinski Hotel Moika 22
  2. Embajador
  3. Hotel Andersen
  4. Hotel Angleterre
  5. Hotel Astoria

  • Ekaterimburg
  1. Atrium Palace Hotel
  2. Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg
  3. Hotel Aeropuerto Y Congreso De Angelo
  4. Residencia De La Ciudad De Atlaza
  5. Eurohotel Central 

  • Kazan
  1. Korston Club Hoteles
  2. Hotel Arte
  3. Bulgar
  4. Courty yard of Marriott Kazan Kremlin
  5. Grand Hotel Kazan

  • Sochi
  1. Arrecife
  2. Hotel Roza Vetrov
  3. Sputnik
  4. Hotel Pearl (Zhemchug)
  5. Sea Galaxy Congress & Spa Hotel (Anteriormente Svetlana)

  • Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region
  1. Hotel Shery Holl (Anteriormente Sherry Hall)
  2. Congress Hotel Don Plaza
  3. Europa Hotel-Rnd
  4. Ermita De Gostinitsa
  5. Park City

  • Samara
  1. Holiday Inn Samara
  2. Hotel Green Line Samara
  3. Kolos (Coloss)
  4. Hotel Renaissance Samara
  5. Ost West Club

  • Saransk
  1. Park Hotel
  2. Olympia
  3. Hotel Mordovia
  4. Hotel Admiral
  5. Sanatorium Saranskiy

  • Kaliningrado
  1. Navegador Del Hotel
  2. Paraíso
  3. Villa Severin
  4. Hotel Dona

  • Nizhny Novgorod
  1. Alexandrovsky Garden Hotel
  2. Oktyabrskaya Hotel
  3. Country Club Malinovaya Sloboda

  • Volgogrado
  1. Volgograd
  2. Hotel Yuzhniy

  • Ufa

Presidente Hotel Ufa

  • Anapa

Starinnaya Anapa

  • Pyatigorsk

Hotel Beshtau

  • Kaluga

Hilton Garden Inn Kaluga

  1. Travel tips during the 2018 FIFA World Cup:
  • At airports in Russia, avoid using taxi lines of those who wear yellow, as it will cost them a high rate, although you may want to have the transportation services of our staff at an affordable price ( included in the tour packages), leaving it comfortably at the lodging site. Otherwise, there are local “Yandex” that offer cheap taxi lines and tend to have a good service. An additional option is the Aeroexpress, which is a train that takes you from the airport to the city.
  • La comunicación mediante un dispositivo móvil es esencial en Rusia, por ello, te recomendamos comprara una línea con servicio que se ajuste a tus necesidades, teniendo a la mano tu pasaporte como requisito.
  • La compra de las entradas se encuentran disponibles en la web oficial de la FIFA, mientras mejor sea el asiento y el nivel del juego sea más cumbre (octavos, semifinal, etc), están irán aumentando su valor (ver cuadro en el Punto N° 3).
  • If you have your tickets at hand like the Fan ID, everything related to transfers by public transport and trains that run between headquarters and headquarters, will be completely free.
  • As for the lodging in hotels, the host cities provide a good amount of hotels that you can select according to your preference (from 1 to 5 stars), however, we recommend you choose central hotels that allow you the short trip in the places of interest . If you want to rent a house, you can do it through Airbnb, which is a company dedicated to renting housing for tourists, through the use of software.
  • The use of GPS in Moscow must be done manually and not automatically, depending on your current location, this is because the signal is distorted by the Kremlin, in the use of devices that causes the location to be lost from the real place, so it is convenient to only give a current address to the GPS and that’s it, everything returns to normal.
  • Security is a very high priority, since nowadays, and never in the history of a World Cup, there have been terrorist threats, so mass concentrations in places like the Red Square can not be carried out, likewise , as soon as it arrives in Russia and sets foot on the nation, it will go through a strict review control by scanner, including in hotels and train stations, as well as in the same football stadiums.
  • The weather is another factor of great nature, the World Cup will be held at the beginning of the summer, but it is a variant factor since the world cup will be presented in 11 totally equidistant cities, so the climate in this case can diversify with an intense sun frequent rains, so if you plan to go to several cities wear both loose and warm clothing.
  • The commercial centers of the cities are highly recommended to make purchases or simply to walk, the food is very varied and economic, in fact there is an incredible diversity of foreign foods that will delight your palate. If we talk a bit of nightly entertainment, these cities have what it takes, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, here the nights are white (you do not know when they start or when they end).


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