Buy tickets for the 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia

The date is coming for the next 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia.

It is time to prepare to buy tickets for the matches, although it is not known yet which teams will finally participate, since at the moment only 6 are the teams that have qualified (Russia, Iran, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Belgium) .

We already have the price of the tickets to see the game, although they will not be able to buy yet, without knowing which teams will play.

The entries will be divided into 4 categories.

These categories are organized according to the criterion closest to the playing field and the position on the field.

Be the 1st category the best and 3 categories the farthest.

The fourth category is a special category that is dedicated to the citizens of the Russian Federation who have to prove their residence.

64 soccer matches will be played, from the 1st which is the opening to the 64 that will be the final.

Prices (in US dollars), as we have said, are already closed and are as following:

All tickets to the World Cup matches will be sold to the general public through the Fifa website:  and at the ticketing centers at FIFA headquarters in Russia at the last-minute sales stage.

After the experience of the Confederations Cup, everyone who has an application must issue a document called Fan ID. In cities that challenge matches, you can get access to public transportation vehicles specified for access to stadiums. You must also show this fan ID in order to confirm the identification of the fan zone with the entrance.

This information about the Fan ID has been used in the Confederations Cup successfully but it is not yet confirmed for the World Cup.

Neither it is decided whether the ticket sales system used in the Confederations Cup will be used, but everything indicates that it will be the same.

This system consists of 4 phases:

  • Priority Sales Visa
  • Random phase of sale
  • Stage sale in order of request
  • Sale phase at the last sales stage

During the Visa Priority Sale Phase, the only accepted form of payment will be the Visa payment card and the Requests will be handled in the order in which they are received (as explained in the section “Sales Phase by Request Form”) . During the Visa Priority Sale Phase, Ticket purchase transactions are processed in real time, and Ticket Applicants for all Tickets purchased successfully will receive confirmation immediately.

During the Random phase of sale, Ticket Applicants may send their Ticket Application at any time during this period, and preference will not be given to the date the request is sent (ie a previous request will have no preference or better opportunities to be favored than the subsequent Requests). In this period of sale, ticket purchases are not processed in real time, but FIFA will receive all ticket requests sent throughout the period.

If the demand for Tickets does not exceed the stock of tickets available for a particular match or category of tickets, the available Tickets will be allocated directly to those who have requested them.

When the demand for Tickets exceeds the available stock for a given Party or Category, Random  will be made to define which ticket applicants will benefit.

During the Sales Period by Order of Request of the Sale Phase, it is possible to request Tickets at any time during this period, giving preference to the order in which the Applications arrive (that is, preference will be given and there will be better opportunities of benefiting the Applications that arrive first). Throughout this Sale Period, the purchases of Tickets are processed in real time, so that the Tickets that are available will be directly assigned to those who request them. All purchases of tickets processed successfully will be confirmed immediately.

At the Last Sales Stage, Tickets will be available via the Internet, and from a certain date, which will be determined by FIFA later, until the day of the last match of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, Tickets will also be available at certain points of sale at the FIFA Ticket Centers. All entries will be assigned as they are requested (see the “Sales by Request Form” section).

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