Crucifixion Church Belfry

At Alexander’s entrance into the Kremlin, you can immediately see the crucifixion church belfry. Its interior and exterior inspection are included in the tour of the royal medieval residence and the convent of the Assumption, yet it has a view of the observation tower of Aleksandrov which is partially obscured by tall trees.

According to legend, even here, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, The Russian aeronautics showed up. The slave Nikita jumped from the tower on wooden wings improvised with feathers and miraculously landed on the river bank. The Church of the Crucifixion is located inside the building with a bell tower, which is also associated with dark legends of the severe king’s killings. Rumors say there are small rooms in the church where torture was organized, but the screams were muffled by the thick walls.

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In the Middle Ages it was a watchtower. After Ivan the Terrible was moved to the Alexander Quarter, the palace decks were hampered by the surrounding buildings and a forest, which visibility of the tower fell heavily, hence the construction of the building became a church with a bell tower.

The Church of the Crucifixion was renewed several times. In the 17th century the Polish troops seriously mistreated the royal residence, so Ivan had to leave the place. without its supervision and funding, the palace quickly fell into disuse, and it was not until the late 20th century that restorers returned it to its former form. The bells have been changed several times: some were made from casting guns, so it had to be removed due to the poor quality of the alloy. It was only in the early 90’s of the 20th century, where the bell tower of several bells, the largest of them all, weighed more than a ton.


The Church of the Crucifixion is a 56 meters high, it was built in the style typical of the ancient Russian architecture. The lower gallery has a three-tier arch. Above them, there is a high canopy, where the bell is located. Even higher is the second gallery in the shape of an octahedron, crowned with a dome. Next comes the third row with a small playground. From the south to the bell tower is the lower chamber, which is a secret passage.

Until 1707 there was a weakening by the forced exile of Princess Martha Alekseevna. Perhaps because of his trials, the church was renamed the Crucifixion (or Passion).

As you climb the bell tower there is a narrow stone spiral staircase, in which light falls through the narrow windows, so you can choose the best time of day to go there.

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