Metro circular line an accident or a myth

Metro circular line an accident or a myth

The secret of creation of the circular line in Moscow metro

It is said that during the development of the lines, in the first project of the Soviet era; Stalin (supreme commander of the communist party and president of the USSR) was looking for a way to make his project faster and more useful for people who wanted to use it; and they did not find how, first to remove pressure to the center of the city; to make changes to the lines, and second, that people could reach their destination faster.

The myth, or legend, is that Stalin at the time of the meeting held a cup of coffee and when leaving the room to take  a little break left on the table this cup of coffee that, being somewhat spilled, left marks on the table,giving rise to a circular line of brown color that crossed and connected with the rest of lines at two ends, thus the circular line of the Moscow metro was born. And until today this theory is maintained by its comic part and its realistic part.

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