Religion and Ethnicities in Russia I
Que saber sobre la religiones en Rusia; Conocer sobre el Islam en Rusia; Cosas que saber sobre la Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa

Religion and Ethnicities in Russia I

What to know about religions in Russia, in this article we will talk a little about this topic. For example, there are things to know about the Russian Orthodox Church or to know about Islam in Russia; both religions are very different but interesting to learn.

What to know about religions in Russia

Something that surprises Western tourists, is the first time they enter an Orthodox church in Russia; immediately the amount of representations of saints or biblical passages seen in its walls and columns is evident. There are people who do not know that this Church is very similar to the Catholic Church and they share many principles and rites. Another interesting point that leaps out is that when the traveler wanders through one of the main cities of the country can see a lot of temples; even more than two, they can be in the same block.

The constitution declares the Russian Federation as a secular state, and also officially recognizes four main religions; The Orthodox Christian, The Muslim, The Buddhist and Judaism. The state grants the right to freely profess these religions.

And it is that the religions are linked to the Ethnic Groups in the Nation. So generally Orthodox are Slavs, Muslims are Tartars, (name with which they were told to the Turks of the region), Buddhists are Mongols. And the Jews are already an ethnic group.

Usually in other countries when we ask someone’s nationality, we understand that their religion or ethnicity does not define this fact; but in Russia this can confuse us with a question of semantics. So, by asking someone if he is Russian, even if he or she is very fluent in an international language with English, he or she can respond;

No, I am Tartar, and one says again:

But you were born in Russia right?

Yes, of course, in Kazan

So, are you Russian?

No, tartar

But, what is your nationality?

Ah, I have a Russian passport.

And the Russians in the eyes of the inhabitants are one more ethnic group. For centuries the cultures at the level of the people, kept them differentiated; contrary to the Russian nobility, the people were not commonly mixed among other nations or cultures.

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