The Iron Museum in Pereslavl

The Iron Museum in Pereslavl is one of many private museums. It is the old two-storey house of a merchant. The exhibition itself is located on the second floor, and there is an interesting gift shop in the first part. The shop sells all kinds of iron themed products and gifts and it also organizes a small exhibition of paintings by Pereslavl artists. Every month, the Iron Museum attracts thousands of tourists. This is mainly due to Muscovites traveling in the Golden Ring, where Pereslavl is popular with tourists from the Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions. Local people come here to demonstrate to their children, how they lived before the century of electricity, how they were and how the household chores were done.

History of the Museum

The first page of the museum of history was written at the end of the last century, when in December 1999 Pereslavsky businessman of Andrey Nikolaevich Vorobov bought an old building. Previously, a communal apartment was found, and after the fire acquired an unsightly design. After that, a long restoration began. The doors of the Iron Museum opened in June 2002. The first two years of the museum visit were free, where donations were left in a box at the entrance. Subsequently, the museum introduces the tariffs for visits and organizes tourism.

However, the “basic income” of the museum does not come from the entrances, but from the sale of the items in their vaults for the visitors. The cost of iron depends on the condition and the rarity, usually the change is in a range of 100 up to 10 thousand rubles. Most of the income comes from visitors, of course during the tourist season from May to September.

Read more about the museum collection

To date, the museum’s collection contains more than 200 plates. The exact figure is difficult to estimate, because the collection must be constantly updated with new exhibitions. Iron enthusiasts are found everywhere, and are searching for it in the most unexpected places. Many of the exhibits in the exhibition come from the shelves of municipal landfills. Just as the cost varies considerably the weight in the collection of irons also does it (from 10 grams to 10 kilograms).

The Museum of iron took part twice in the flea market in 2005 and 2006. Enthusiasts have secured a large collection of household items from rural and urban families, which date back to the 19th century. Exhibits collected, come from the homes of ordinary people, in restaurants and in retail establishments, for example, plates, pots and teapots, tea boxes and advertising signs, scales and weights).


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