The Ponizovkina Castle

There are tens of mysteries and legends associated with this place. The mysterious appearance of the luxury castle in the European town of Guzitsyno of Russia can not stop being part of Russian heritage. In fact, when you look at it, there is a feeling that you are not 30 km from Yaroslavl, or on the outskirts of the French territory, either in the German capital or in Spain. Actually, it’s an eclectic mix of styles that suggests that the creator of this creation clearly wanted to make it to impress someone. The greatness and diversity is manifested not only in the exterior design of the castle. Inside, no less interesting, you can see the Egyptian-style living room, the individual decoration of each room and a staircase with elements made of precious metals. Unfortunately, we will never see it as it was done by its creator.

A little history

Nikita Alekseevich Ponizovkin is the grandson of the first merchant guild, an old servant, who married Rose Bursian Muscovite and shortly after decided to build the castle. In 1912, the construction began on the project of the architect Nikolaya Lermontova, which lasted for almost 3 years. But the magnificent palace did not bring happiness to the family. In 1914, just after the completion of the play, the couple divorced. The Soviet government nationalized the building, and the owner was sent into exile. First, here was a school, a club, and then the library. In 1945 Guzitsyno was renamed Red Profintern, it was a luxurious palace that was not really very good. After 21 years, it finally fell into disrepair. Everything, from the classics, spider webs and ghosts. In 2008, it was acquired by a group of companies “Tashir” and this was the beginning of its restoration.

¿What can you see?

In the central part of the pseudo-blocking Ponizovkina, the style of a Venetian is formed with arched windows and a high ceiling. To the right there is a tower with a deck, a balcony and an observatory, which closely resembles the creation of architecture in southern Europe. On the left is a two-storey tower with a conical roof and a weather vane, just like a German castle. In the center rises the glass dome of the greenhouse, like a pyramid in the Louvre. There are rumors that the project was authored by F. O. Shehtel.

Near the castle there are two more interesting objects. One of them is the “House of engineers” resembling a French castle. The second is “House of the Forty” which is a 6-storey brick house consisting of 40 apartments.
The outskirts of the palace are completely restored, the building is surrounded by a beautiful fence. The interiors are only partially restored. It is here where several exhibitions of the private collections of the museums are found. In the room there is excellent acoustics, which is confirmed by well-known Russian opera singers and musicians. There are already concerts of classical music.

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