5 best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad

What are the best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad? Which are the best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad, in this article we answer you. What bars and restaurants there are in Kaliningrad, many of them actually, but here we will give you recommendations to visit. Going to the bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad is now … Read more 5 best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad

Rostov-on-Don airport – Platov

Official website: platov.aero

The Rostov-on-Don Airport – Platov in Russia is the new airport that was opened on December 7, 2017 in place of the old airport. Built within the program of preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The “Platov” Airport is the first airport in modern Russian history built from scratch. “Platov” is the largest airport in the Federal District of southern Russia. Do not forget to visit Rostov-on-Don during your trip to Russia!

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Kaliningrad-Jrabrovo Airport

IATA code: KGD, ICAO: UMKK (Kaliningrad-Jrabrovo airport)
Official website: kgd.aero

Kaliningrad International Airport “Jrabrovo”. It is located 20 km northeast of the center of the city, it is next to the town that bears the same name. The airport of Federal importance. It is ideal for visiting Kaliningrad.

In the summer of 2018 the airport of Kaliningrad will accept the guests of the 2018 World Cup, for this reason until the spring of 2018 the airport is in the process of reconstruction.

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Nizhny Novgorod Airport – Strigino

IATA Code: GOJ, ICAO: UWGG (Nizhny Novgorod Airport – Strigino)
Official website: www.airportnn.ru

Nizhny Novgorod Airport – Strigino is the Niznhy Novgorod International Airport. The airport located in the western part of the Avtozavodsky district of Nizhny Novgorod, 18 km south-west of the city center. It is the aerodrome where the base is not only civil aviation, but also the Airborne Aviation Regiment for special purposes of the troops of the National Guard (plane Il-76). It is ideal to visit Nizhny Novgorod.

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What you have to know before traveling to Russia

Cultural customs that are necessary to know before traveling to Russia When we propose a trip to a city we ask some general questions. Questions, which surely will make the journey more bearable. Such questions, like: What type of tip should I leave? What are the typical greetings? Or what are the cultural customs to follow? … Read more What you have to know before traveling to Russia

Airports in Russia, travel rules and flight reservations

In the following article we will show you some of the airports in Russia, we will discuss the rules to carry luggage as well as the tips to book your flight. 1.    International and national airports in Russia If you are going to Russia, you should know that there are more than 200 airports working … Read more Airports in Russia, travel rules and flight reservations

Typical Russian Painting and Patterns


Russia is the country with the greatest cultural heritage. We would like to tell about one of them in this article. What typical Russian paintings and patterns do you know? Now we will tell you about traditional Russian drawings and Russian ornaments.

From the ancient times till now painting on wood, cloth, ceramics was the important and delicate work and above all through typical Russian paintings and patterns you can clearly see the traditional customs of Russia, which were born many centuries ago.

Let’s get to know some of the best known patterns in Russia.

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Russian Circus Tradition


What is the traditional Russian circus like?

A special attraction to see on your trip to Russia is undoubtedly the traditional circus. The origins of the Russian circus can be found in the Skomorki of the 11th century, a kind of ancient and travelling artistic representation, which travelled around different places offering acrobatic acts, skills and tricks with trained animals and juggling exhibitions. At this time it is also believed that clowns as they are known today would have emerged, as the Skomoroji included satirical and mocking representations.

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How to celebrate the end of the year in Russia


Russia, is the most mysterious country for most people. Foreigners are always interested in what to do in Russia, what to eat, whether it is safe to walk alone in the city streets and a thousand other questions. Also, for many people the traditions and habits of Russia’s inhabitants are interesting. The truth is that every region, or even every city, has its own culture and traditions about different aspects of life. But there is one holiday that unites the whole nation like never before, it is the way to celebrate the New Year in Russia and Christmas. And yes, exactly in this order. Now we will tell you how the New Year is celebrated in Russia. How is Russian New Year’s Eve?

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