Kaliningrad, one of the oldest cities in Russia. In 1255 it was founded as the castle of a knight “Konigsberg”. For several centuries it was part of Prussia, and was one of the cultural, economic and scientific centers of the Kingdom. After joining the Soviet Union in 1946, it was decided to change the name

Sochi is one of the most famous tourist cities of Russia, and is loved, not only by local residents and residents of other Russian cities, but also many foreigners. The city was founded in 1838 years. The city has a very old history, and this is confirmed by all the archaeological finds. Taking into account

Yekaterinburg (formerly called Sverdlovsk) is considered the capital of the Urals. For a long time it served as a starting point in the Urals circle, and still deserves direct attention to its cultural heritage and its historical sites. An interesting fact is that initially in the place that is Yekaterinburg had to create the base

Rostov-on-Don is an important southern city of Russia. It should be noted that it is not only one of the largest cities in Russia, but also has the thirtieth place in Europe in the population ranking. Today the population is around 1,114,806 people. In 2008 it was recognized as a city of military glory. The

City of the Volga, known as Gorky. History has its beginning from the 13th century, thanks to the efforts of Prince Vladimir. In the 16th century defensive wall was built, the Kremlin, which has become overgrown settlements, and extended the boundaries of the city. It is not the last role played by Russia in the

The city of Volgograd, was founded in 1589, with 1,017,451 people. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Russian Federation and is known as a hero city, since this is where the Battle of Stalingrad took place. This city in the second half of the 19th century was one of the largest industrial

Samara is one of the largest cities in Russia, it is the center of the Samara region. The total population of 2.5 million people, which makes it a place of weight, Samara is seventh in the ranking of Russian cities. The city is a large economic, industrial and cultural center of the whole near the