History of the city: from Tvangaste to Kaliningrad

Get to know Kaliningrad – History of the city: from Tvangaste to Kaliningrad What to see in Kaliningrad, one of the ancient cities of Russia. Seeing Kaliningrad is a good opportunity to know about its history and how it came to be what it is today. Visiting Kaliningrad is ideal for you. If you are … Read more History of the city: from Tvangaste to Kaliningrad

What to see in the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg

Guided tour of the Hermitage Museum The Hermitage Art Collection, which is exhibited in the halls of the Winter Palace, is amazing and requires a lot of effort to get to know at least its outstanding specimens. Free Tour Russia offer you a guided tour of the Hermitage museum to walk through the exhibits halls … Read more What to see in the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg

How to buy tickets to St. Basil’s Cathedral online without a queue?

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The Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino

Visit the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino: main information Visit the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino, one of the great museums of Moscow. Getting to know the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino is ideal for a guided tour. Tour the Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino only with … Read more The Panoramic Museum of the Battle of Borodino

Museum of Political History of Russia

Museum of Political History: about politic and not only Is a museum of political history could be worth to visit? What can be interesting about the political history of Russia? Probably, you heard about the Russian Revolution, Stalin’s terror, maybe Khrushchev’s thaw? History of any country gives us a better understanding of human society and … Read more Museum of Political History of Russia

Things to do in Yekaterinburg

Visit Yekaterinburg: 5 things each person must do

What to do in Yekaterinburg if you are on vacation in this great place, here we tell you. Visiting Yekaterinburg is ideal for you, come and enjoy. Getting to know Yekaterinburg is easy, thanks to Free Tours Russia who cares about you; has elaborated this article to give you some ideas of what to do.

The inhabitants of the capital of the Urals tell about their favorite and most interesting places in Yekaterinburg


What to do in Yekaterinburg
“Upside-down house” in Yekaterinburg

It is a small apartment with a child’s room, a bedroom, a living room and a garage. The only difference of the habitual residence is what in everything is literally turned upside down. The washing machine, fireplace, sofas, chairs and even the sidecar are hanging in the air and visitors move exclusively through the roof. In this house it is very interesting to have fun: watch TV with your head down, jump on the bed in the bedroom; fried the chicken in the kitchen overturned or showering upside down. Here you can take a dozen of the funny pictures, the most important thing is to choose the right posture. Excellent photos come out jumping; with hands up and on tiptoe. Also pay attention to the hairstyle, for example, make a high bun or lift the hair to make the photos more realistic.

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The Martian landscapes near Yekaterinburg

Visit the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich, a natural landscape full of beauty. How to get to the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich here we explain. Excursion in the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich with Free tour Russia will know.

One of the most beautiful and extraordinary places in the Urals that full of admiration to any photographer. The extraordinary Martian-like landscapes appeared in a mud quarry.

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Travel to Baikal in winter: what to visit and what to do

What to do in the Baikal in winter in Russia

Travel to Lake Baikal in winter in Russia, a feasible option to do many activities. What to do in the Baikal in winter in Russia, here we tell you. Touring the Baikal in winter in Russia, is ideal for fun during this time.

Lake Baikal is the largest lake in the world with cleaner fresh water. Few people have seen it in winter. In this cold season Baikal shows his other extraordinary face. In this article we tell you the winter history of Lake of the Lakes.

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The Museum of the Sin

The Museum of the Sin: what do you have to know about it

In Tambov there is an analogue of the famous Kunstkamera, the Museum of the Sin. Here you can find a collection of medical pathologies, collected by the pathologist of the Hospital of the Second City. Archbishop Luke Yuri Kirillovich Shchukin.

The Museum of the Sin contains more than seven hundred containers with limbs, organs and human embryos linked to alcohol. The name of the museum is not accidental. For more than 35 years of work in the morgue, Shchukin selected the remains of corpses for his unique collection, clearly illustrating the consequences of harmful human vices such as drinking and drug addiction.

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The Wolf Museum

No other Tambov brand has been as famous and recognizable as the Tambov’s wolf. At different times this expression was of different semantic colors. For the citizens themselves it is a very significant emblem. That’s why they have the Wolf Museum. In the wild, there are no specific species of “Tambov wolf”: rather, the forest predators that live in the Tambov region, are the ordinary gray wolves located in the nature of the Russian central belt.

Today, the Tambov wolf is one of the most popular souvenirs in the region: there are all kinds of toys made of wood and glass, magnets, key rings, various dishes with the symbolism of the “wolf”, various textiles and the other things. On the other hand, today the Tambov wolf is registered as a trademark for a wide range of products produced by Tambov companies, this ranges from the chocolate and ice creams to alcoholic beverages, as well as consumer goods.

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The Tambov Regional Museum of Local History

What you have to know about the Tambov Regional Museum of Local History?

One of the oldest museums in Russia, the Tambov Regional Museum of Local History, founded in 1879 to commemorate the centenary of the formation of Tambov and vice versa. It is  famous not only for its rich collection, but also for the building in which it is located, as it is the former House of the Political Illustration. This is the Tambov Regional Museum of Local History, which currently has 112,693 exhibits in its collection. It includes the rarest collection of Russian engravings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Also a collection of decorative Chinese and Dutch vases (second half of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) and the paleontological collection of invertebrate animals. This is just the main building of the museum, which includes four branches scattered throughout the region.

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The Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Tambov

The Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Tambov.
What do you have to know about it?

The Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is one of the churches in Tambov, which is not only an architectural monument, but also a completely independent and lively temple, whose worshipers have been praying since the end of the 19th century. The history of this religious place Tambov returns us in 1896, when representatives of the Catholic community of Tambov (according to the census of those years there were almost 700 people, mostly Polish) decided to raise funds for the construction of their church.

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The Salgir House of Vorontsov

The Salgir House in Vorontsov is one of the main attractions of Simferopol. The building is also called the Salgir House because there is an architectural monument in the park, called Salgirka, at least in the Vorontsov Park. It is the oldest park in the city, which was founded in the 19th century. What secrets does the Vorontsov House have? We reveal them.

The building was built between 1826-1827 in Narishkin for the governor general. In 1834, the governor’s widow sold the Novorossiysk House of Governor Vorontsov.

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The Stone Staircase in Taganrog

The Stone Staircase in Taganrog is a true symbol of the city, a favorite place of citizens and guests of the city. These stairs have been here for over 100 years and have always attracted people. The secret is simple, in itself, it is an interesting architectural object, and it is truly fascinating. It is not surprising that in this place people like to enjoy the sunrise, look at the ships or watch the twilight descending the city, as many famous and great natives of Taganrog did on the coast of the Azov Sea. Among them A.P. Chekhov, N.F. Shcherbina and A.L. Vishnevsky. What did Mr. Depaldo do? Read in this article.

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The Plotkin house in Taganrog

This mansion is one of the most beautiful and ancient buildings in Taganrog. Built in the early 1860s. This place is included in the list of objects of Russian cultural heritage. A beautiful decorative design of the building inspires artists. In this article we will talk about the Plotkin house in Taganrog. This is a good place to explore Russia.

After the construction of the Plotkin house in Taganrog, it belonged to the merchant, and then to Karaspasov, who was a Turkish citizen Konstantinidi. After 20 years, the building was acquired by the Rafailovic family. Immediately after the revolution, Taganrog Denikin moved to the Plotkin house, it was the head of the French military mission, and in the 1920s there was a political department and the headquarters of the special forces. In 1925 the building became an ordinary residential house. It is divided into public departments, and the building has been decrased gradually. Today the Plotkin house in Taganrog is still good, but obviously in need of repair. Let’s explore Russia with us!

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Mount Elbrus

Each one of us who like mount climbing always dreams about the majestic two-headed Elbrus. Mount Elbrus is the highest pick of the Russian Caucasus in Europe. It is the highest mountain range of the lateral ridge of the Caucasus Mountains. Geologists have determined that Elbrus is the cone of an extinct volcano. Its western top … Read more Mount Elbrus

The Snake Mountain

The height of the Snake Mountain is almost one kilometer (to be more precise, it is 994 m), it is a natural monument and one of the most interesting natural attractions of the Mineral Waters. The name of the mountain comes from “Tau Zhlak”, which in Turkish is “Snake Mountain”. The mountain was so named because its slopes were dissected by gullies, narrow and tortuous ditches, which are shaped from a distance, similar to crawling snakes. Today, the mountain has no such ravines, and all because of the fact that there are minerals extracted, and the mountain slopes are covered with pits and sinkholes. It’s a typical destination for exploring southern Russia.

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The Argun Gorge

Do you want to visit the Caucasus? The cradle of Nakh, located on the edge of ancient watchtowers and incredible pristine nature, all this is the picturesque Argun Gorge. Today an ultra-modern ski resort has been erected in Veduchi and here is Chechnya’s calling card, the famous Ushkaloyskie twin towers. It stretches about 120 km from Khevsuretia towards the Black Mountains, the 600 m long gorge that stores a historical, cultural, archaeological and architectural natural environment. In short, it is a place of worship and to attend is mandatory. In this article we tell you about the Argun Gorge, the best place to visit in the Caucasus.

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The Holy Monastery of the Assumption of Alanian

Alanian in ancient times was one of the centers of Christianity in the Caucasus. There were once many Orthodox churches and monasteries. In the high mountains of Ossetia, the monks prayed, performed feats of faith, and in case of danger protected them from the enemies. Today, many of them have been restored. One of these monasteries is the Holy Monastery of the Assumption in Alanian, which appeared in the year 2000. From the high steep mountains, you can see the monastery, which was built in the classical Byzantine style, it is hard to imagine that the monastery is not more than two decades old, it seems that it has been here forever, and it was located in the middle of the mountains, under its stone walls is the unleashed and strong Fiagdon River. During its existence, the monastery was one of the main spiritual centers not only in Ossetia, but in all of southern Russia.

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Museum “The city of the Province of Kostroma”

“The city of the Province of Kostroma” is the new museum in Kostroma, designed by people who love their city and its history is remembered. Here visitors can meet this Kostroma merchant, to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a provincial town, and see his fame throughout the country from the Kostroma Shopping Gallery. Don’t forget to visit the Kostroma Museum during your trip here.

To date, Kostroma is perhaps the only complex in Russia, which, firstly, has maintained a number of historic stone buildings, and secondly, still fulfils its intended purpose; here are the pavilions of the existing commercial buildings.

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The Museum of Military Glory in Yaroslavl

The Museum of Military Glory in Yaroslavl was opened in 1981. The initiative of the creation of this military museum in Russia submitted several well-known veterans of the infantry division, who participated in the defence of Moscow by the Great Patriotic War. However, the exhibition is dedicated not only to the Second World War (that is why it is so striking) but also covers all the great conflicts that shook Russia during its existence. The abundance of equipment and weapons is the main advantage of the museum, and is appreciated, especially by children, as they are found all over the place. It is ideal for learning about Russian military history.

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The Epiphany Church in Yaroslavl


Everyone who enters the center of Yaroslavl on the Moscow road meets at the Epiphany Church in Yaroslavl, which is located immediately after crossing the small river Kotorosl, which is an elegant and visible red brick temple. As you know, in Russia churches have always chosen the most beautiful place, here the panorama of the landscape immediately attracts attention. In photos from 100 years ago, the swan princess floats on the river among the dwarf houses of Townsmen. Now they have become taller houses, but the church has not lost its beauty and uniqueness. You can’t miss this tour in Yaroslavl.

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The Chicherin House-Museum


The Chicherin Museum-House was a distinguished diplomat and talented statesman, which opened not long ago in 1987. The building, which occupies the museum, is an old wooden country house belonging to the Chicherin family. There are only 9 rooms, around several outbuildings, but the overall impression of a miniature house is very pleasant and welcoming. It is located in Tambov.

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The Jubilee Park in Yaroslavl


What to see in Yaroslavl? The Jubilee Park in Yaroslavl is considered the favorite place of recreation for the residents of Leninsky district. In winter, you will find in the ski park, athletes taking a walk with children of young mothers. In spring its alleys and courtyards are filled with families with children, young people and pensioners, who come here to enjoy the fresh air and socialize in a pleasant atmosphere. But Jubilee Park is not just a contemplative outdoor recreation. Throughout the year there are several organized festivals, sports events, concerts and theme meetings. The favorite park in Yaroslavl celebrates New Year’s Day in a winter of large escorts, pays homage to the soldiers on Victory Day, also Fun in the City Day, among others. Jubilee Park is a center of formal and informal cultural life in the region. This place is ideal to visit during the one-day tour of Yaroslavl. If you do not know what to see in Yaroslavl, visit this park.

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The “Music and Time” Museum in Yaroslavl


The folk museum “Music and Time” was established in the early 1990s by John Mostoslavskim who is a hereditary illusionist, magician and actor, as well as an avid collector of ancient ornaments. The collection that can be seen today in the Mostoslavsky Museum was collected during his lifetime. It was a boy from Mostoslavsky who started collecting the bells and later became the base of the museum in Yaroslavl. Today, besides a myriad of the strangest bells, a variety of old things can be seen here, such as clocks, musical instruments, phonographs and gramophones.

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Einstein’s Entertaining Sciences Museum in Yaroslavl


Which museums in Yaroslavl are worth visiting? The Einstein Museum of Science and Entertainment in Yaroslavl has a lot to give because it is the Russian interactive museum! The museum comes with an unusual motto “the highest level of scientific research play”, which, opened in October 2013 as a traditional museum, where exhibits are carefully preserved by visitors and hidden behind the glass windows of exhibition stands. Not only is it possible, but you need to touch, turn, and twist any mechanism, trying to understand how they work. It is this interactivity and accessibility that awakens interest in science and makes the younger generation interested in learning. These museums had already opened in Vologda, Voronezh, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Stavropol, and now in the world of museum science entertainment invites them to Yaroslavl.

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St. Cyril Monastery in Yaroslavl


St. Cyril’s Monastery is one of the most valuable and brilliant places in Yaroslavl. The stone building from the end of the 17th century miraculously survived until our days, although more than once it has been on the verge of oblivion. Fortunately, it is part of a large number of Yaroslavl’s monuments, which have not been left behind in the course of history and so the only Orthodox monk’s monastery in the city has been successfully defended and preserved. Although the monastery is being restored, to familiarize yourself with it, you can see in the churches how regular worship is conducted, and how the monastic body is filled with novices again.

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Ilyinsko Tikhon Church in Yaroslavl


According to the legend, 1000 years ago in this place, the wise Prince Rostov Yaroslav conquered a bear and ordered the construction of a temple in honor of the prophet Elijah. Whether other people liked the idea or not, the church was built. For almost 1,000 years, its appearance was changed several times. At first it was made of wood, and then of stone. And it was only in Soviet times that it changed its vocation. It’s a magnificent building in the classical style that impressed the minds of the citizens of those years. It vaguely resembled the pantheons of Paris and Rome. But even modern, sophisticated man does not remain indifferent to its majestic beauty. Now we tell you about Ilyinsko Tikhon Church in Yaroslavl, one of the churches in Yaroslavl. This church is a good destination for pilgrimage in Russia.

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The Yaroslavl Zoo


Several years ago, the Mayor of Yaroslavl, Victor Volonchuasu, came up with the idea of creating a Yaroslavl zoo in a way that is totally unique for our country. It was opened in late summer 2008 to celebrate the 1000th day of the city’s birth. The Yaroslavl Zoo was built near Smolensk in the Zavolzhsky district. At the opening, its total area was 67 hectares, and now it exceeds approximately 120 hectares. In these huge areas live more than 1600 animals of 250 different species (including the animals of Russia).

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Ponizovkina Castle fence in Yaroslavl


There are dozens of mysteries and legends associated with this place. The mysterious appearance of the luxury castle in the European village of Guzitsyno in Russia cannot fail to be part of Russia’s heritage. In fact, when you look at it, there is a feeling that you are not 30 km away from Yaroslavl, or on the outskirts of French territory, or in the German or Spanish capital. In fact, it’s an eclectic mix of styles that suggests that the creator of this creation clearly wanted to make it to impress someone. The grandiosity and diversity is evident not only in the exterior design of the castle. Inside, no less interesting is the Egyptian-style lounge, the individual decoration of each room and a staircase with elements made of precious metals. Unfortunately, we will never see it as it was made by its creator. Now we tell you about Ponizovkina Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Russia.

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The Fedora Volkova Drama Theatre in Yaroslavl


The Fedora Volkova Drama Theatre of Russia in Yaroslavl has the current name of the Fedora Volkov, which, we have reason to believe, is the first professional theatre in the country. It was founded in 1750 by the son of the merchant F. Volkov. At that time, the theater had a group of amateurs, playing with their performances in the old barn. However, Fedor Volkov’s success in creating the theatre in professional Yaroslavl was so remarkable that even Empress Elisabeth invited him to St. Petersburg for similar work. Already in the 19th century the theatre in Yaroslavl was one of the best in the country.

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The Monastery of the Transfiguration in Yaroslavl


What to see in Yaroslavl?

What to see in Yaroslavl? Surely you have read in school, the word “Lay”, so this monument of ancient literature was found only in the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration in Yaroslavl. This monastery is well known, since it was founded in the 12th century. In fact, Yaroslavl in Kremlin, is surrounded by a wall and is located in the center of the city. It is one of Yaroslavl’s monasteries that must be seen.

In the 18th century, the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Yaroslavl, was found in its library the only surviving copy of the “Lay”.

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The “Kazan” Women’s Monastery in Yaroslavl


The “Kazan” Women’s Monastery is an architectural and spiritual treasure of the Golden Ring of Russia. This action is a 17th century dwelling, which, consists of four temples and a wooden bell tower, filled with bright bells of the District. Thousands of tourists come here to worship the miraculous image of Our Lady of Kazan, where you can visit and buy souvenirs. Several times during the year, the faithful go in procession to the nearby villages, and holidays are held for all the people. According to the opinion of pilgrims, it is a place of grace and erases any spiritual burden, there is a pleasure to admire the splendor of the monastery churches in Yaroslavl and the cathedrals. Walking in a small but well-kept territory is a pleasure and at the same time you can explore the local planetarium as it has an observatory and a cognitive entertainment complex.

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The Kettle Museum in Pereslavl


If you go along Podgornaya Street it will lead you to Pedro I’s boat, which is 700 meters away, and on the right side you will see a bright blue wooden cabin with a colorful fence. This Kettle Museum is a (small) glass of water and one of the most popular private museums in Pereslavl. This unique museum in Russia was founded in 2003 by entrepreneurs Andreem Vorobevym and Dmitriem Nikishkinym. By the way, a year before, Andrei Vorobyov opened the well-known Iron Museum . Simply by being close to the museum and without going inside, you can see what is to come will be something unusual. Around the house, apart from plaques there are humorous inscriptions: “Here live the boilers”, “Kipim happiness”, “Peter I Street, house number 17”, “The museum of steam locomotives at 15 km”, “The place of the dummies”. Collections of effervescent and creative slogans can still be seen in the room.

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The Yaroslavl History Museum


The Volga embankment in Yaroslavl is rich in museums, these treasures keep the memory of the past alive. One of them was the Yaroslavl Municipal History Museum, which opened on the initiative of the then Mayor VV Volonchunas. For the exhibitions, the old two-storey mansion of an honorary citizen of Yaroslavl, trader V. Ya, was assigned. Kuznetsova, which was built at the end of the 19th century. It took about a year for the restoration of the facade and the interior, as a result of which a new Yaroslavl History Museum was born and opened to the public in May 1998. The museum pieces took their places in the historical interiors. Incredibly and harmoniously you can see the millennial history of Yaroslavl, embodied in the collected artifacts, among the ancient walls, the wide stairs and the bright stuccoed state rooms.

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The 10 most beautiful villages in Russia


The 10 most Beautiful Villages in Russia

How is the Russian village? For a long time Russian villages were unjustifiably forgotten. Many of them were abandoned and disappeared from the territory of Russia. In 2014 the special association was created. Its aim was to find the most beautiful villages in Russia. This association held a competition to choose the most interesting Russian camp.

In order to participate in the contest you should meet several criteria.

And no doubt in Russia you can find more than 10 peoples, but then it would be an eternal list.

We would like to draw your attention to 10 villages which can certainly be called the most beautiful villages of Russia.

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