What are the best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad? Which are the best bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad, in this article we answer you. What bars and restaurants there are in Kaliningrad, many of them actually, but here we will give you recommendations to visit. Going to the bars and restaurants in Kaliningrad is now

“Vally of The Sun” is the oldest Russian winery in the Crimean peninsula, which has a rich history and traditions. It all started with the fact that Prince Golitsyn decided that the production of wine would be well equipped in the New World to change the area of Arkhaderesse with land suitable for winemaking. In

The main foods of Buriatia and Baikal’s cuisine What are the main foods of Buriatia and Baikal’s cuisine? We tell you now. Pozi or Buuzi Pozi resembles the Caucasian hinkali, Chinese manti türk or baozi. Buuzi look like pelmeni but are much bigger. They are made of wheat dough and have exactly 33 tweezers, they

Today we tell you about the Borsh soup that has been very popular in Russia for centuries. This Russian soup is very famous among tourists. We also leave you the recipe of Borsh. History The Borsh dish has Ukrainian roots but it became familiar in Russian cuisine centuries ago and received its own peculiarities. Debates