Costs to travel to Russia

Some frequently asked questions are associated with the costs to travel to Russia; there are also other concerns about how to change currencies in Russia or simply where to stay in Russia; therefore, we bring you the following article that will surely help you.

They are already on vacation! They have a time to think about making a different trip, a trip out of the country; then we invite you to meet the great Russia, why do we say it? Many people will think that going to Russia can be very expensive, however, the national currency (the Ruble), was devalued in recent years that for countries that maintain a stable economy is somewhat favorable, like countries with fluctuating economy is now a little more accessible in terms of costs.

Money exchange in Russia

If we talk a little about the Ruble, this currency in terms of the economy began to be devalued since the end of 2014, however, the Central Bank of Russia decided to eliminate the exchange rate to end the interventions within the currency market and thus continue with said devaluation. Nowadays the currency has been recovering its value, that is, 1 USD or 1 EUR is equal 58 RUB and 68 RUB respectively.

Annex N ° 1: Change from Dollar to Ruble (year 2009 to 2017)


Annex No. 2: Change from Euro to Ruble (2009 to 2017)


As you can see, the Rublo has recovered part of its economic stability in the current year, but even so it remains quite feasible in terms of the required change, which is why it is quite favorable.
The other side of the coin in this case, is that with the increase in the devaluation of the Ruble, this is proportional to inflation, but in 2017 it has dropped to 3.923 {6b098b7b202cb02703cdba7d612637f4867f8c650fe855b730f9c532b8df33b2} as indicated in. If we talk about the level of living in Russia today, the big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are the ones that earn the best salary that the rest of the nation.

Annex N ° 3: Annual inflation index in Russia.

As this article is addressed to all nationalities, we can not give a figure quantitatively speaking, but we can give several tips that you must take into account before deciding to travel to this powerful nation:

  • Indispensable to process the visa (if applicable)
  • Get the invitation letter
  • Obligatory medical insurance.
  • Airline ticket (price depends on the country where you reside):
  • Accommodation for stay (hotel). This can be low, medium and luxurious depending on the hotel where you are located.
  • Expenses for public transport (you can buy travel cards and use them freely, that is, buy a card for 15 trips you can also share with family or friends.
  • Private transportation like taxis are not expensive but neither are they cheap.
  • If you hire a tour agency that handles the transfers is much cheaper and also take them to recommended places according to their tastes.

If you are traveling between cities, for example Moscow and St. Petersburg; The best way to do it is by train or metro, which is very economical although prices fluctuate depending on the season or time of year. Moving by subway is not only a means to use, it is also considered a tourist attraction because in the stations you will see mosaics and interesting portraits.

Another additional option is by plane, which is not very expensive either, so they can do without them.

Where to stay in Russia

If you are thinking about where to stay in Russia, it will depend a lot on where you do it; especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg which are cities with dozens of hotels so we recommend you visit the following link and see the list of hotels and their recommendations as well as the costs:

Change currency in Russia

Changing currencies in Russia is easy, remember that the official currency of Russia is the ruble; they can go to the banks in case of making a change of currency although in large establishments they accept credit cards that will discount them according to the exchange rate. We also have ATMs, most of all in the main cities that can help them. Getting rubles in other countries is a bit difficult; so we advise you to take dollars or euros and change them when you arrive. We do not recommend using the exchange houses because they are the most expensive at the time of doing so, that is, they will charge more for it.

Places of interest in Russia

Now we would like to talk about a section that we love, guided tours; With this type of tour you will be able to know any place or all those who wish without asking, seeing how to move from one place to another, there are free tours, other specialized ones; but in short, it is an easy and smart way to know all the places in the city where they will stay.

There is so much to see in such a short time; sites that come from a past hundred but were recovered today; monasteries, museums, peculiar shops, squares, gastronomy; and unique events of the Russian culture that you will be left with the desire to return at the time and continue exploring these wonders of the old world.

To finish, we can only tell you that there are tours of visits on foot, tourist bus, by cruise (St. Petersburg or Moscow); but there is a wide range of sites that you can enjoy whatever your tastes; so we invite you to see our services and tourist places in the following link:

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