Discounts and offers to enjoy Russia

Discounts at Moscow Bars

Hooters Moscow
Address: Zlatoustinskiy Bol’shoy Pereulok, 9, Moskva, 101000

The famous chain of American sports pubs Hooters and Free Tour Russia offer you an exclusive discount of 10% of your order. Come and enjoy the World Cup this summer at Hooters Moscow.

Cuba Libre Moscow
Address: ул. Кузнецкий Мост, 4, Moskva, 125009

The Cuba Libre chain offers our customers an exclusive discount of 10% of their drinks, come to dance and have fun at thecity  center 24 hours a day.

Casa Agave Moscow
Address: Bol’shoy Cherkasskiy Pereulok, 17, Moskva, 109012
+8 (495) 624-57-66

The famous Mexican Bar-restaurant and Free Tour Russia offer you a 15% discount on your order, come and enjoy the best Latin dances in the center of the Russian capital. Guaranteed fun.

Ice cream shop Chistaya Liniya
Address: Tverskaya St, 5/6, Moskva, 125009
+7 (499) 390-05-72

The chain of traditional ice cream and Free Tour Russia invite you to discover the flavors of Russia, enjoy a 20% discount at this place exclusively for our customers.

Bourbon Street Bar
Address: Большой Златоустинский пер., 7, стр.1 ​, Moskva, 101000

Come and enjoy the best music in this bar, which specialty is the best Bourbon and Whiskeys, our customers can enjoy a 10% discount exclusively from our application.

Discounts on Souvenirs in Moscow

Souvenirs Shop Ярмарка Ремесел
Address:  ул Никольская д5/1, стр3

Souvenir shops and Souvenirs located in the street Nikolskaya just in front of the GUM stores offer our customers exclusive discounts of up to 20% on the purchase of the most varied gifts and traditional Russian souvenirs.

Souvenirs shop Наследие
Address: Krasnaya pl., 1/2, Moskva, 103012

The famous souvenir shop located in the red square, right inside the history museum offers our customers discounts of up to 20% on their souvenir purchases.

Arbat Expo 24
Address:  ул. Арбат, д. 24
+7(967) 161-44-40

Expo Center is your definitive shopping center in Arbat street, inside its doors you will find small shops and salesmen that include crafts, souvenirs or typical food of Russia all in one place. Thanks to Free Tour Russia will have discounts from its sellers.