The Chamber theatre of Yaroslavl

How is the cultural life in Yaroslavl? There are many theaters in Yaroslavl but the most impressive is The Chamber theater. The theatre has an incredible atmosphere. Today it is the only private theater in Russia with permanent staff members. The theater holds its own festival. Between the participants, there are well-known theaters from Moscow and other big cities.

The Chamber theatre It is designed only for a hundred seats and tickets usually sold out quickly.


It all started with Yuriy Vaksman, an actor of the theater of youth in Yaroslavl at that time. He decided to start his business and opened café “The Actor”. Soon the place became very famous. continuing to work in the restaurant business, he did not forget about his dream to open his theater. That was in 1999. Together with his colleague Vladimir Vorontsov, they decided that the two actors assemble a play by the American playwright Peter Soweto. Now it is one of the most famous and popular plays in the theatre.

All the performances are unique or written specifically for The Chamber Theater. The most popular among the public was the play “The representation of the tragedy of S. A. Pushkina” Mozart and Salieri “in the poor stage of the late twentieth century”. This story is about two actors that have been performed for many years in a provincial theater of the same piece of “Mozart and Salieri” by Pushkin. It shows the eternal problem of genius and villainy at the level of contemporary realities.

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