Visit Fedoskino in Russia

What to see in Fedoskino in Russia – a small town in the Mitishchi district, Moscow region, but well known beyond the borders of our country. If you are going to visit Fedoskino in Russia, you should know that it has become famous since the 19th century as a center for miniature lacquer painting. How to get to Fedoskino in Russia, we will tell you later.

What to see in Fedoskino in Russia

Learning to paint more than ordinary painted cardboard boxes, it is possible, after having been in the current factory of miniature painting.
Teachers in Fedoskino who create works of art to this day. What are the only boxes and chests that local artisans do not make? Fairy tales, portraits, natures and landscapes, this is going to draw a picture of Fedoskino artists.

See how to create these works of art, to discover the history of the lacquer miniature, and of course, to fill your collection of souvenirs, you must visit Fedoskino in Russia.

The miniature painting in the village has been the work of a good half of the residents. This profession has grown all in Fedoskino with a dynasty of artists. The lacquer miniatures skill has always been transferred to the younger generation.
Learn how to get out of the cardboard box painted with ordinary paint, it is possible, after having been in the current factory of miniature painting.
The visits are made every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission price – 200-250 RUB per person. If desired, the factory can organize an individual excursion. However, it will cost more expensive – 1500 RUB per group of up to 5 people.
You can then try your hand at the main class by creating your own miniature. Participation in the same is from 800 to 1100 RUB.

How to get to Fedoskino in Russia

On bus 271 from the metro station “Altufyevo” to the town Fedoskino. Also by the Savelovsky station on the train, and then change to a 42-minute bus to Fedoskino. If you get in a car, you have to go to the Dmitrievsky Highway, at km 17 turn right and drive to Fedoskino.

The prices are shown on the page of February of the year 2016

You can also request a tour service on the website of freetourrussia.com